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The homicide occurred in the Vanier district, in Quebec.

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Faced with the increase in murders and arsons in Quebec in 2023, the police chief is asking for more resources to keep the population safe in 2024. This year, violence between criminal groups caused the number of crimes to jump by 13% in the territory of the City of Quebec.

It's an exceptional year, in 2023, in terms of criminalized groups, confirms the director of Quebec City Police Department (SPVQ), Denis Turcotte.

During a plenary committee on the City's 2024 budget, the police chief confirmed to elected officials that four of the seven murders occurring this year in Quebec as well as 13 arsons are linked to organized crime.

We won't hide it, it's a big year. Perhaps not in terms of volume […], but in terms of type of crime.

A quote from Denis Turcotte, director of the SPVQ

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The director of the SPVQ, Denis Turcotte, spoke at a plenary committee at Quebec City Hall.

Over the past three years, approximately four murders per year have been committed in Quebec. According to Denis Turcotte, these tragedies were linked to intra-family problems or mental health disorders.

In 2023, the situation has changed. The majority of murders occurring in Quebec are now the work of criminal groups fighting for control of drug trafficking. The victims are Michel Guérin, Alain Charbonneau, Keven Plante-Ménard and Ali Bolduc Chouaiby. The attempted murder that occurred this summer in Sainte-Foy is also believed to be the work of members of organized crime.

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These are rules established between [criminal groups], which date back decades, that some people have decided to no longer respect. It increases tension between the groups, explains Denis Turcotte.

In front of municipal elected officials, Denis Turcotte pleaded for more investments to be done in prevention, so that 2024 does not reflect 2023.

The last thing I want to happen is that there have collateral victims of this. This is why I want to act upstream.

A quote from Denis Turcotte, director of the SPVQ

The head of the SPVQ is asking the City to grant him a budget of $156 million. This is an increase of $13 million from the previous budget, an increase of 16%.

This budget would notably allow for the creation of 13 new full-time positions within the SPVQ, including detective sergeant positions to increase the capacity to process cases of fraud, sexual assault and exploitation of minors.

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For months, the SPVQ has been asking the Minister of Public Security for an additional $77 million to deal with this increase in crime. At the end of November, François Bonnardel instead suggested that the police department request assistance from the Sûreté du Québec. Denis Turcotte does not perceive this remark as a disavowal.

I'm not at the stage of saying that I have to convince. I state the facts. I'm waiting for the answers, he says.

He notes, however, that government investments in Laval and Montreal are bearing fruit.

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