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Un Beauceron accused of defrauding the government after the 2019 floods | Historic spring floods in Beauce

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The accused, Bernard Breton. (Archive photo)

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Bernard Breton, an entrepreneur from Saint-Elzéar, is accused of having defrauded of several million dollars in government financial aid intended for victims of the 2019 floods.

He appeared Friday morning at the Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce courthouse and will be back in court after the holidays.

The man allegedly provided counterfeit documents to take advantage of the General Assistance Program of the Ministry of Public Security.

This program was established in the wake of the historic floods of April 2019 which damaged hundreds of buildings in Quebec, mainly in the municipality of Beauceville.

The prosecutor in the case, Nathalie Chouinard, transferred the voluminous evidence to defense lawyer, Thomas Walsh.

Historic spring floods in Beauce

Consult the complete file

Historic spring floods in Beauce

Consult the complete file


To allow sufficient time to review the documents, both parties have agreed to return to court on January 30 for orientation.

The defense will then be able to communicate its preference regarding the continuation of the procedures.

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