A 15-year-old indigenous teenager was one of the victims of the massacre of four young people in Arauca

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The minor was found dead by a firearm in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Tame on Friday, November 18

A 15-year-old indigenous adolescent was one of the victims of the massacre of four young people in Arauca

An indigenous adolescent is one of the victims identified in the massacre that took place on Friday, November 18, in the rural area of ​​Tame (Arauca). (Archive)

One of the four young men who were found murdered by firearms in the village of Rincón Hondo, a rural area of ​​the municipality of Tame (Arauca), was a 15-year-old indigenous adolescent, the Ombudsman's Office reported on Saturday, November 19.

“We reject the murder of an indigenous minor (… ) We ask the illegal armed groups to respect the life and integrity of the civilian population, especially that of children and adolescents, who are subject to special constitutional protection (sic)”, they published on the official Twitter account of that entity.

The massacre of the young people was known on Friday, November 18, after their lifeless bodies were found on the road that leads from Tame to Puerto Rodon.The corpses showed that they received several gunshot wounds and the identities of the rest of the victims are unknown, according to reports from the Institute for Development and Peace Studies (Indepaz).

It would be the 88th massacre this year, according to data from the same entity, where they recalled that the ELN and the dissidents of the extinct FARC guerrilla are committing crimes in that area.

Precisely, in the Ombudsman's Office they recalled that for that department on the border area with Venezuela early alerts 029 of 2019 and 023 of 2021 had been issued with which they warned of the risk in which it is located the civilian population.

Although the regional authorities convened an extraordinary security council for this new multiple crime, they have not officially ruled.

And the fact is that the public order situation in this department continues to be critical, even one of his representatives to the Chamber, Germán Rozó Anís of the Liberal Party, denounced that he was the victim of threats by one of the dissidences of the extinct FARC for supporting the total peace initiative that the president of the FARC seeks to implement. Republic, Gustavo Francisco Petro.

“I have been threatened by text messages from Mr. Antonio Medina, messages that he also sent the night before to my wife's cell phone, in which he threatens my family and my children and me, because I don't know whether to take a position in defense and the achievement of total peace that we are pending in the fight for a dialogue in Arauca,” he said.

The department is suffering from an unbridled violence in the last two months, since the illegal loved groups are disputing with blood and fire the criminal rents in that region, especially due to the dominance of drug trafficking routes for the shipment of cocaine through Venezuela.

The same Ombudsman's Office denounced that they were aware of at least seven cases of forced disappearance in that area of ​​the country.

Carlos Camargo, who leads that entity, indicated that the figure could be much higher since the agency knows first hand hand the fear of the communities to denounce these facts in the face of possible reprisals from illegal armed groups that would be behind these actions.

Recently, the criminal chief of one of the dissidents of the former guerrilla, Antonio Medina, said that by December they were going to kill some 300 people in Arauca, according to an audio they obtained from an interception, reported in the newspaper El Tiempo.

“Now it's our turn, we already have who will play the dead. More or less between now and December there must have been 300 deaths between bosses and collaborators of the 'elenos,'” they cited the criminal's threat.