A 14-year-old teenager of Colombian origin was abused and murdered in a crime that shocked France

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The authorities of the French country captured the aforementioned murderer, who has a record for a similar act when he was 15 years old

A 14-year-old adolescent of Colombian origin was abused and murdered in a crime that shocks France

A photo shows an abandoned house in the village of Birac-sur-Trec, southwestern France, on November 21, 2022, where a 14-year-old girl was found dead after being kidnapped in front of her school in the town of Tonneins. (Photo by MEHDI FEDOUACH/AFP)

The population of Tonneins, in western France, is shocked and outraged by the brutal crime of a under 14-year-old of Colombian origin who was abused sexually and later murdered on Friday, November 18.

The crime became known, after the French authorities found her lifeless body in an abandoned house in the village of Birac-sur-Trec.

The victim's name was Vanessa and she was kidnapped by a man who was identified by the authorities of the European country as 31-year-old Romain C., reported in the Spanish newspaper 20 minutes.

French, since the victim was born in Granada (Spain) and had only been in the aforementioned city for a year.

The investigation by the French Prosecutor's Office revealed that the alleged murderer came from the neighboring town de Marmande and that on the morning of the femicide he was in his car consuming drugs, near the educational institution, when he saw the victim and forced her into the car by force, to kidnap her and flee the place. He subsequently abused and strangled her.

“I know why they are here,” said Romain C., who also confessed his crime, when members of the gendarmerie, an entity with police functions in that French town, arrived at his home on Saturday, they reviewed in 20 minutes.< /p>

After what happened, the mother of the minor, who is Colombian, and her father, a Spanish citizen, had to be confined in a hospital after learning of the terrible fate end of their daughter, they stood out on the station La W Radio.

They added that Several organizations in the Iberian country expressed their solidarity with them and are supporting them to repatriate the body of the teenager to her native Granada.

A 14-year-old teenager of Colombian origin was abused and murdered in a crime that shocked France

A photo shows flowers, drawings and messages on the doors of Germillac College on November 21, 2022 in Tonneins, southwestern France, after a 14-year-old girl was abducted outside the school and found dead in an abandoned house (Photo by MEHDI FEDOUACH/AFP)

While in the French city where the crime occurred, a tribute was held to the victim of the femicide led by local authorities, while students and other citizensthey filled the entrance of the educational institution where the minor studied with messages of affection, flowers and stuffed animals.

“The population is affected… It could have been my daughter, my sister. For us, she is a girl from our city”, said Dante Rinaudo, mayor of Tonneins, at the commemorative event, adding that the parents want their daughter to have her last home in Spain.

“Vanesa is a very intelligent, very beautiful girl, who is there for everyone… for her brother and her little sister. A very smiling girl, very close to the family”, said Yuranny Granda, cousin of the victim, from Colombia and for the French channel BFMTV.

The The murderer is in provisional prison and gave up the location of the body of the teenager when she confessed her crime, reviewed in 20 minutes. They indicated that he had a criminal record for a sexual assault that he perpetrated when he was 15 years old, but since he was not listed as a sex offender, he did not have any control measures on the part of the authorities, since when he committed that crime he was a minor.

The man lived with his wife, who had just given birth to a daughter. He had a temporary job and his neighbors described him as a reserved man with a cold character: “He was often seen dressed in black and drinking beer in the car”, they added in the Spanish newspaper.

(With information from AFP)