8 joys, how to ride in the fog correctly

8 joys, how to ride in the fog correctly

The fog on the road is one of the quietest nezabek, until such a time you need to prepare. Due to the fact that the fog is moving the water, the visibility is sharply reduced. Cause unsafe mist for yourself – wine can cause accidents and other filthy heritage.

8 rads, how to ride in the fog

Turn on your headlights!

As you can see, there are two types of headlights in a car:

  • Fog;
  • It’s important what the near and far regime may be.

If a car driver is in the fog, then “foglights”, or they are also called parking lights, turn on the lights. Ale also respectfully raise the near light. Far away it is fenced in: the wine grows more rose. The rear dimensions can also be improved.

Fog lights

“Protitumanki” is better to vikoristovuvat only once, if the fog is really thicker. It is important to understand that in the fog there is a sudden reality, for example, it is even more important to recognize between objects. This view has a nuance: you can focus on the steps of the road, trees and other objects. If there is a mark on the road, then you can orient yourself according to them.

Christen with heat

As mentioned earlier, during foggy weather, condensate rises through the temperature on the street and in the middle of the car. With this problem, you can not get stuck, because you should know about those who help turn on the heating. Also, under the hand of a friend, you can use a ganchirka with microfibers: they are good at coping with wet streaks.

at the winter time of rock. If you want to follow these recommendations, then at the hour of the rush in the fog you can hear a little sounds, different signals and more noise. Sound orientation helps, as the fog is even thicker and visibility is practically zero.


In principle, it is necessary for all the participants of the movement to reach a distance for any circumstances, but in the fog, before which rule, it is necessary to put more seriously. In case of poor visibility, it’s important to talk about the dimensions, what to practice, as if it’s an additional light, and turn it on safely: to help other participants move the car from afar. Behind the statistics in the fog, there is a large number of stupid accidents, to which the distance is an important aspect. Tse give priority for the maneuver, which will help to avoid the accident.

Controllable speed

This is one more joy, yak not varto bad. Under an hour of fog, the road pavement becomes significantly worse, and the charge becomes slimy. It is also important for this to travel without re-visiting the speed, so no more than 50-70 km/year. Zavdyaki somu in case of an emergency will be reduced galvanic amount, but the car will not skid. But if it’s still out there, then it’s better to go suvoro with dotrimanny rows. In the fog it is necessary to have a middle smoky, and if there is no urgent need, then it’s better not to get sick of it anywhere. to the fact that the mother is guilty of water, the pilnist is elevated to the point of sharpness. If you don’t follow this most important rule, then you can miss out on a lot of important things: a hiker, another transport cost.