7200 Ukrainian zahisniks are greeted by unknown persons

7200 Ukrainian zahisniks are greeted by unknown persons

7200 Ukrainian defenders are honored by the unknown p>Mayzhe 7200 Ukrainian military servicemen are getting into the unknown. About the  "Suspіlny" declaring the hopes of the power of osіb, as if there were absences for special circumstances, Oleg Kotenko.

As we are talking about the military, then let's think about who is like the military. Є ZSU, є National Guard, є cordon guards, є SBU and cerebral institutions. The stench is not included in the figure, yaku yes ZSU. The ZSU gives data about two thousand known war veterans. Our call center is approximately 7200 people. For example, the regiment "Azov" – tse National Guard (under the order of the MVS – ed.) and there is also an unknown. The stench didn't get in touch with relatives, if the stench came from “Azovstal”.

Behind the words of the Kitten, most of the known zahisniks are going around with a plethora of Russians and separatists. As a butt of the rifle of the 1st battalion of the 36th brigade.

We know that they were taken to Russia. First, you need to be aware, there are a lot of people there. If there are more than a hundred, then we understand that practically the entire battalion is at the full. There is still no sound from them, so the stench is indulged by the obscurity. Early chi pizno stink to the list for exchange and turn back home. The axis of this change, if we know for sure that the unknowns have arisen, are alive.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga