7.2 billion rubles will be allocated from the federal budget for the purchase of new school buses and ambulances in 2023 . From IFX

On behalf of the President, the government continues to upgrade the fleet of ambulances and purchase school buses. At the beginning of 2023, more than 2,000 such vehicles will additionally be delivered to the regions. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed the order on their distribution among the subjects, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers reported..

“Cars must be purchased before the end of this year and delivered to the regions in the 1st quarter of the next year,” Mikhail Mishustin, quoted in the message, noted at a government meeting on November 10.

From the federal budget for these purposes an additional 7.2 billion rubles were allocated, of which 3 billion rubles will be spent on the purchase of school buses. This will make it possible to purchase more than 1.1 thousand new cars. Most of the buses will be directed to rural areas, so that children can get to school with convenience and comfort.

The rest of the funds – 4.2 billion rubles – is provided for the purchase of ambulances. With this money, 937 cars will be purchased for rural settlements, including urban-type settlements and small towns of the country, which will increase the availability of medical care for their residents.

“Renew the fleet of school buses and ambulances during 2021 -2024, the president instructed the government following the address to the Federal Assembly in 2021. At the same time, at least 4,000 new buses should be purchased at the expense of the federal budget annually and at least 5,000 ambulances for rural settlements in 2021-2023 . All equipment must be Russian-made,” the government said in a statement.

For these purposes, more than 15.3 billion rubles were allocated from the Government's reserve fund in 2021, which made it possible to send more than 4,000 school buses and over 1,600 ambulances. In 2022, the federal budget provides 16 billion rubles for this, due to which more than 3 thousand school buses and over 1.2 thousand ambulances were purchased for the regions.


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