68-year-old model Christy Brinkle spoke about the secret of her youth

68-year-old model Christy Brinkle spoke about the secret of her youth

Kristi was also pleased with the hanging and uniqueness of the water.

Model Kristi Brinkley, yak at 68 years of May is richly young for her age and continues to be known for gloss, she revealed what the secret of youth is. The Daily Mail writes about this.

Vona guessed that she became a vegetarian at the age of 13 and is already rich in diet, rich in vegetables and fruits.

68-year model Christy Brinkle revealed the secret of her youth

“ Hang around, catch up “across the arc” dієti, unique znevodnennya, protect your skin and db about itBehind the words of Christa Brinkle, the secret of youth is in several secrets: the price of sleep, diet, laying down and the protection of the skin.

Kristi Brinkley can look like a miracle at 68 rocks

A regional diet – just get used to vegetables and fruits of all colors of fun. Brinkley revealed that її snіdanok is all Syrian oats with berries and peas.

“At lunch, I eat greens and make a salad, then I add protein, such as beans or peas”, – she knew that she meant that the supper does not look at anything in case of an insult, but sometimes she adds vegetable paste, sourdough, rice or quinoa.

Brinkley added that today vicorist sunscreen cream and antiviral cosmetics.

“ active ingredients, like they work on me, give me like a negain, and so long-term results”, – Brinkley said, having guessed that she had brought three of her children to the right meal and looked after herself.

Kristi Brinkley may have a wonderful look at 68 years

Vona knew that she had injected Botox once, but the result was not I deserve it.

“I don’t hate Botox, because I deserve to ruin my appearances and express emotions. Once I robbed the injections, but I didn’t get far, and I didn’t repeat yoga anymore, ”Kristi said. However, she was robbed of fileri and laser procedures.

“I'm getting old at my damp pace. I befit, what we can steal today, as we want to grow old”, the model said.