56th Victor Pavlik leaving Ukraine

56th Victor Pavlik leaving Ukraine

The retinue of the famous Ukrainian victor Viktor Pavlik Katya recently told about those who leave the territory of Ukraine and destroy them to the Successful States.

56-word Viktor Pavlik leaves Ukraine

Dekilka rokіv so famous Ukrainian Vikonovets Viktor Pavlik, having made friends on the fourth. Concert director Katya Repyakhova has become an example of this.

56-year-old Viktor Pavlik leaves Ukraine

Viktor Pavlik leaves Ukraine the fact that the musician is friendly. Later, the couple explained that the couple would not separate in an instant through those who were ill with sarcoma, and having experienced even more difficult hours.

Viktor Pavlik is leaving Ukraine

At once, the couple is officially friendly and dies little son Mikhail. Tse became a great happiness for the couple, which did not immediately turn into grief. I wanted war in the yard, the starry homeland ran into a lot of problems.

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All right, now Katya takes care of her business, and Viktor Frankovich raises the fighting spirit with cat-free performances and favorable concerts.

So, not long ago, Katya told on a special side in the social dimension of Instagram that some people are leaving Ukraine and breaking for the cordon. The success of the States of America, where the musician does not go to work for a long time, became a place of recognition. Good luck, Viktor Frankovich plans to turn back, even if on the new Chekatim of the kokhan, the squad is that little son, whom you love more for everything in life.

56-year-old Viktor Pavlik leaves Ukraine

Warto means that Viktor Frankovich still does not allow him to leave Ukraine, but he can still have boutiques a bigger ticket and more, we are going to collect pennies to help the state, so for the whole trip it was planned and approved by the official authorities. she started pratsyuvati on her idol Viktor Frankovich entered into a love affair with him. At the link with the cim, the girl constantly endured a hate on her address.