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AY Is 5 issues to know for February 24: Covid-19, Capitol riot, Rochester, White Home, China - The Times Hub

5 issues to know for February 24: Covid-19, Capitol riot, Rochester, White Home, China

5 issues to know for February 24: Covid-19, Capitol riot, Rochester, White Home, China

This is what that you must know to Get As much as Pace and On with Your Day.

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1. Coronavirus

2. Capitol riot

The Senate held its first public listening to on January’s Capitol riot. On the heart of the scrutiny was a bombshell FBI memo despatched sooner or later earlier than the riot with an express warning about potential violence. Officers like ex-US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund and the then-Home sergeant-at-arms have been requested why such a warning did not advantage a stronger response and why a request for Nationwide Guard help was so gradual to be answered. Sund mentioned he and different leaders did not see the memo earlier than the assault. In the present day, a Home subcommittee is about to listen to testimony to evaluate the injury from the riot. In line with not less than one official’s testimony, the worth tag for injury and elevated Capitol Hill safety is already $30 million.

3. Police violence 

Dozens of protesters gathered in Rochester, New York, after a grand jury voted to not indict any officers concerned within the March demise of Daniel Prude. The 41-year-old Black man was having a psychological well being episode when officers handcuffed him, lined his head and held him on the bottom. His demise per week later was one among a number of that spurred worldwide racial justice protests final yr. New York’s lawyer normal says a choose granted her request to launch the grand jury minutes to the general public. In Northern California, a brand new episode of ache is unfolding: The household of 30-year-old Angelo Quinto has filed a wrongful demise declare, saying Quinto died days after cops kneeled on the again of his neck for practically 5 minutes to subdue him throughout a psychological well being episode in December.

4. White Home 

The Senate has confirmed Tom Vilsack as President Biden’s agriculture secretary, sending the previous Iowa governor to the identical Cupboard place he served for everything of the Obama administration. In the present day, two key Senate committees are anticipated to vote on whether or not to advance a extra controversial decide: Neera Tanden, Biden’s Workplace of Administration and Funds director nominee. Tanden has angered Republicans along with her outspoken tweets and has sparred with some progressives, so it is unclear whether or not she’ll have sufficient votes to recover from the road. In the meantime, Senate Republicans are gearing as much as struggle Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus reduction plan. Many are hoping to forged it for example of liberal overreach. But when it passes — and works — they may find yourself with egg on their faces.

5. China

Hong Kong’s authorities has moved to introduce new necessities for public officers, together with that they swear loyalty oaths and embrace Beijing’s rule over town. Anybody who fails to take the oath or is deemed to have achieved so in an insincere style can be instantly disqualified from workplace and banned from operating in elections for the following 5 years, a high official mentioned. The brand new rule may shred the final vestiges of democracy within the self-governing metropolis. Related loyalty exams have already been used to disqualify a number of pro-democracy candidates and take away democratically elected lawmakers.


Tiger Woods had a rod inserted in his leg throughout an emergency surgical procedure after a high-speed crash

Voices from the sports activities world and past are sending the golf champ needs for a protected and speedy restoration. 

Mandy Moore welcomes a child boy with husband Taylor Goldsmith

Congrats! That is the multi-talented actress-singer’s first baby. 

The Postal Service unveiled its new supply automobile, and it is a radical change

Some TV exhibits are telling tales in regards to the pandemic. Some viewers want they would not

We got here right here for ESCAPISM, not a relentless reminder of our crushing actuality!

College of Michigan says it shut down a campus library for two days after discovering venomous spiders

“Sorry, I could not do my homework, Professor. I used to be pushed out of the library by venomous spiders.” Properly, that is a brand new one. 


February is Black Historical past Month, and day-after-day we’re highlighting Black pioneers in American historical past. Study extra right here.

5 issues to know for February 24: Covid-19, Capitol riot, Rochester, White Home, China

Howard Thurman, pastor and educational, 1899-1981

Thurman was a pastor, professor and mystic whose groundbreaking e book, “Jesus and the Disinherited,” was a condemnation of a type of Christianity that Thurman mentioned was far too usually “on the aspect of the robust and the highly effective in opposition to the weak and oppressed.” The e book was a profound affect on the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s religion and activism. Thurman was additionally the primary African American pastor to journey to India and meet Mohandas Gandhi. 



That is how a lot a Chinese language courtroom ordered a husband to pay his spouse as compensation for house responsibilities she shouldered throughout their five-year marriage. The landmark divorce ruling has sparked a debate in China in regards to the worth of unpaid home work. 


“There isn’t a going again. It doesn’t matter what we do now, it is too late to keep away from local weather change. And the poorest and most susceptible — these with the least safety — are actually sure to undergo.”

David Attenborough, broadcaster and naturalist, who delivered a stark warning in regards to the local weather disaster to the UN Safety Council


Examine your native forecast right here>>>


Hm! Very academic!

When all of that is over and we return to the museums, we will really feel simply as excited as this T. rex. (Click on right here to view.) 

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