5 incredibly powerful books that will take your breath away

5 incredibly powerful books that will take your breath away

Sometimes you want to pause your life and reboot. Life-affirming books will help you with this. Read also: 5 best books for creativity and inspiration.

5 incredibly powerful books that will take your breath away

Still from the film “The Woman in the Window”, Netflix

The editors of ProShoKino made a selection of 5 incredible books for you powerful books that take your breath away.

The Gift, Edith Eger

“Gift. 12 Keys to Inner Liberation and Finding Yourself” – new book by 93-year-old psychologist Edith Eger with practical advice on how to make your choice in life, treats it as a special gift, distract from suffering and find inner light.

Note that the author of the book at the age of 16 ended up in the Auschwitz death camp along with her sister and parents. Only Edith and her sister could survive in inhuman conditions. For many years after her release, she will be tormented by the traumas suffered in the camp, and the “survivor syndrome”. For a long time, almost 40 years, she will hide her pain inside, until one day, studying psychology at the university, she will be presented with a book by Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist who also went through a death camp.

She finally decides to face her heartache, which she has suppressed for years.
Her first book, The Choice, was published in 2017. In it, she talks about her childhood, youth, war, emigration, the path of a specialist.

She writes beautifully – simple and deep. When reading, you experience the feeling of a pleasant, wise conversation. All her examples, reflections, exercises help to understand oneself, to set life priorities. All this has a profound therapeutic effect.

Despite what has happened to us in the past or is happening today, we can find our “gift” in this life. We can learn to appreciate even our own wound.
The book “The Gift” has become one of the favorite and respected by many.

5 incredibly powerful books, from /></p><p>The Gift, Edith Eger</p><h2> Cactus, Sarah Haywood</h2><p>This is a very modern and witty book about a 45-year-old woman who accidentally becomes pregnant, forced to completely reconsider her settled bachelor life.<br />The main character of the novel, Susan, at 45, is busy with a showdown with her brother, sharing an inheritance and unraveling childhood traumas. Yes, and preparing for the birth of an unplanned baby. In the course of all these cases, she will discover some family secrets that not everyone can digest yet…</p><p>The feature of the book is in the character of the heroine. She is “prickly” like her collection of cacti. She has everything on the shelves, according to the schedule and no spontaneity for you. It's good that a cheerful gardener appears and “breaks off her thorns” a little …</p><p>It is rumored that Netflix has signed Reese Witherspoon to a film adaptation of Sarah Haywood's bestseller “Cactus”. Looking forward to what happens.</p><p><img class=

“Cactus”, Sarah Haywood

“Klavka”, Marina Grimich

Do you still think that Ukrainian literature is boring? Then you should definitely read “Klavka” by Marina Grimich.

Difficult post-war years. Kyiv. Ukrainian literary environment. Klavka is the secretary of the Writers' Union of Ukraine. By the standards of that time, Klavka was an old maid who had only to work on a typewriter and sit in a small communal apartment. But everything changes when a girl meets a young handsome writer…

The life plot and the unique atmosphere of post-war Soviet Ukraine were a success for the author. Bright accurate descriptions, easy speech and lively characters together make for a great novel that makes you look forward to the sequel!

5 incredibly powerful books, from breathtaking

“Klavka”, Marina Grimich

“The Woman in the Window”, A.J. Finn

Anna Fox is a child psychologist who experienced a terrible tragedy a year ago. Now she has become a hostage in her own home. Anna suffers from agoraphobia and has not gone outside for many months. Relatives have left her, although Anna regularly talks to them on the phone. She spends her days drinking a glass of wine, watching old movies, chatting on Internet forums… and spying on her neighbors.

One day, new tenants appear in the house located across the square: father, mother, teenage son. Prosperous, just an ideal family. But one day, Anna, pointing a camera lens at the window, sees a shocking crime. Or did she imagine everything? No one takes her seriously, the police do not believe her words – under the weight of revealing secrets and secrets, Anna's world begins to crumble… Where is the truth, and where is the fiction? She herself will have to get to the bottom of the truth.

By the way, A. J. Finn's psychological thriller The Woman in the Window was filmed by Netflix in 2021. Starring Amy Adams, Julianne Moore and Gary Oldman. You can watch the trailer for the movie here.


5 incredibly powerful books that will take your breath away

“The Woman in the Window” by A. J. Finn

“Payback ”, John Grisham

Mississippi, 1946 Pete Banning was the hero of Clanton, the perfect Southerner – war veteran, faithful husband, loving father of two, devout Christian, prosperous farmer, good neighbor.
But one autumn morning, Pete Banning got up early, arrived in town… parish priest Dexter Bell. And the only thing he says during interrogations by the police and his lawyer: “I have nothing to say.”

Banning's defense attorney understands that the veteran is really ready to go to the electric chair rather than explain the reason that pushed him to the crime. And the only chance to save the client from execution is to find out for yourself what made him commit a terrible act …

5 incredibly powerful books that take your breath away

“Payback” by John Grisham

As it became known, David Cronenberg is preparing a new film based on his book Consumed.