46,000 people have been added to the Unified Register of Corrupt Persons, – NAZK

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46,000 people were added to the Unified Register of Corrupt Persons, – NAKC

Illustrative photo from open sources

46,000 citizens were entered into the Unified State Register of persons who committed corruption or corruption-related offenses.

This was announced by the head of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, Oleksandr Novikov, on the air of the telethon . 

According to him, 2,000 of them committed disciplinary offenses, approximately 25,000 – administrative and 15 thousand – criminal.

According to him, there is currently a risk for this Register. In particular, this is a project of Law 9587-d on amendments to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses and other laws of Ukraine on improving the procedure for bringing to justice persons authorized to perform functions of the state or local self-government.

" This draft law may completely destroy the register of persons who have committed corruption and corruption-related offenses. If this law is adopted today, neither journalists nor citizens will see information about those who committed administrative offenses related to corruption, disciplinary offenses, as well as those 15 thousand convicted of criminal offenses. This is the main risk for this registry, not closing certain fields, – emphasized the head of the NASK.

Prepared by: Serhii Daga