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45 laid off at the Manac factory in Saint-Georges

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The Manac company specializes in manufacturing semi-trailers. (Archive photo)

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The slowdown in the economy and the resulting drop in the order book are forcing semi-trailer manufacturer Manac to lay off 45 employees at its Saint-Georges production plant.

The company's president and CEO, Charles Dutil, attributes these layoffs to the economic situation.

He explains that due to rising interest rates, the disposable income of households and businesses is decreasing.

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The interior of a refrigerated trailer at the Manac production plant in Saint-Georges. (File photo)

As a result, demand for consumer goods is weakening, as are the trucking needs of the companies that produce and ship these goods. This drop has repercussions on sales of semi-trailers.

As I told my employees, if all the central banks work together to slow down the economy, at a given moment, it ends up happening, confides Mr. Dutil in an interview with Radio-Canada.

He adds that Manac is working in a cyclical industry. The slowdown in demand that the company is facing is therefore nothing unusual.

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Charles Dutil specifies that Manac is continuing its various projects and is still aiming for the growth of its activities.

The company has 1,480 employees employees, including approximately 960 only at its production plant in Saint-Georges, where its head office is located.

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