4.4 million hryvnas for the certification of the Certification Center for the company with the company is collected from the state, as the state itself spent

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Certification of the Certification Center today with the firm is raising from the state 4.4 million UAH power

On the eve of the war, the impudent rake of the country will be seen

through the scheme of fictitious agreements and court decisions, they are trying to get 4.4 million hryvnias from the state. About this evidence was taken to court, if it was in the order of the editorial office.

Go to the DP “Certification Center and Examination of Material and Planting Material” hectares of agricultural land, cultivated and grown grain. 

In 2020 roci, by birch, DP laid low fictitious contracts with the private Odessa firm «Ris Group». According to the minds of one of the agreements, she planted a field with an area of ​​​​97.3 hectares with winter wheat, for which she set up the powers rahunki butsimto incurring their vitrats to the sum of 874 yews. UAH For compensation of these costs, the firm turned against the DP before the trial, which won the first instance. 

Let's see, there are at least three more similar decisions of the Gospodarsky court of Kiev, however, they praised not to avenge the tributes, about like a square, there are a lot of obrobleny on the side of "Ris group" land to go. The natomist decision is to avenge the amount of compensation that the  state is now guilty of private farmers. І in the extortionate price of UAH 4.4 million, as the court had already ruled that the DP can pay the “Rіs group”. 

However, at the time of the signing of the agreements between the DP “Certification Center and Expertise of the present and gardening material” і TOV «Ris group» at the birch 2020 rock, land plots, about yak_mova in the favors, have already been cultivated by the sovereign enterprise itself. 

«Date of agreements 03/11/2020 rec. For the whole hour, the fields of the DP in the Odessa region were already overcast. Їх processing and certification was carried out by Odessa branch of the National Certification Center. Tobto sovereign kosht, the state itself thrashed everything. І nіyakikh vitrat «Ris group» not small. Now they just want to steal 4.4 million hryvnias from the sovereign enterprise for another stake. І Kiev kerіvnitstvo DP, let's say, I can't deny it. Boz praised the court following that the lawyers of the DP “Certification Center and Examination of the present and gardening material” Every once in a while they didn’t appear at the court session and they didn’t give the usual explanations. I don't know how you can interpret it any other way, let's say it's obvious how the partnership between the DP and the Dermaine Foundation, which manages the Center, and the Rice Group firm. At the hour of the war, the impudent rake of the country is coming out, – Igor Limansky, manager of the Pivdenny region of the DP, said in the comments. 

Є pіozra, scho fictitious agreements, on the basis of such contagions, the courts were guilty of a decision against the state, in fact, in 2020, the rotations did not fit. And s’appear physically and papyrus could not long ago with the very implementation of financial scams and zavolodinnya sovereign pennies, allowing for wine.

Today  DP «Certification Center and Examination of Natural and Gardening Material» Vitaliy Lazarenko, who was never heard on the telephone calls of journalists in the editorial office, who tried to take away his comments.

so I didn’t file any appeal against the decision of the Gospodarsky court. – є guarantor of many criminal investigations for the fact of stealing strong support equipment, which was subject to the DP “Certification Center for Examination and Examination of Planting Material”. In addition, this company of the past fate, by a way of self-destruction, actually attracted it, it turned over 700 hectares of land in Odesa region, for which it did not pay the DP of the hryvnia. 

, Chotirma in person: Mikhail Romanenko, Sergiy Bozhok, Oleksandr Kucherenko and Valentin Khadzhi. In Odessa, ZMI їх are called members of the so-called. "business-political clan of Poroshenko" and attribute to them numerical raider attacks, including on the ground of the Mayak SVK. 

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