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Since Pedro Castillo announced in National Holidays that the then named would be delivered Bonus 350 soles, now under the name of Bono Yanapay, this subsidy finally has a date for its issuance. However, even with several questions, here we tell you the details about this financial support.

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The amount for which delivery will be made on Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis), is aimed at a specific sector affected by the effects of the pandemic of the COVID-19. Therefore, the priority is those Peruvians who have certain requirements:

  • Meet in situation of poverty or extreme poverty, according to the Household Targeting System (Sisfoh).
  • Be part of social programs like Juntos, Pension 65 or Contigo.
  • Not having a record in a public or private payroll, except for pensioners and practitioners.
  • Have income less than S / 3,000 monthly per household.

In this way, the already established 350 soles will be delivered to more than 13.5 million of citizens, which will serve to improve the economic situation of around 7 million households at the national level. For its issuance, the Executive has already planned that it will begin on Monday, September 13 with the first group of beneficiaries.

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It should be noted that, for households made up of a person of legal age who has a dependent under 18 years of age and who do not belong to any of the aforementioned social programs, or to the Pronabec, they will receive another financial support of S / 350: a total of 700 soles.

What are the payment methods for the Yanapay voucher?

The new State subsidy that will begin to be provided from this Monday, September 13 and that will have as its first beneficiaries the members of social programs Together, Pension 65 and With youThey will be able to receive the money through various modalities.

  • Deposit in account. For those who have an account at the Banco de la Nación or another financial entity, the benefit will be automatically deposited according to the schedule.
  • Paying carts. They will reach the most remote communities, where there are no banks, to deliver the money following biosafety protocols.
  • Home payment. Intended for older adults or people with severe disabilities, who will receive the money at home and in cash.
  • Digital wallet. Those who have a digital wallet will be able to receive the amount, as long as the phone is mid-range and with a line in your name.
  • Cellular banking of Banco de la Nación. Which must also have a line in your name, where you will receive a text message confirming the Yanapay payment that you can withdraw at ATMs or Multired agents.
  • DNI account. The Banco de la Nación digital savings account allows you to receive money, make payments and buy Vendemas – Niubiz stores.
  • Payment in bank agencies. The subsidy will be delivered to Banco de la Nación agencies and is aimed exclusively at people who do not have accounts in banks or any financial institution, or a cell phone line in their name.

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Dates for the delivery of the Bonus 350 soles

  • Group 1 (Pension 65, Together and With You) | 8% of all beneficiaries | September 13th
  • Group 2 (Users with bank accounts, digital wallets and DNI account) | 57% of all beneficiaries | 24th September
  • Group number 3 (Rural communities with financial systems) | 3% of all beneficiaries | 4th of October
  • Group 4 (People without a bank account) | 32% of all beneficiaries | December 7th

Where can I see when I have to receive the Yanapay Peru Bonus?

To know the delivery date of the Bonus 350 soles, you must enter the subsidy website yanapay.gob.pe or do CLICK HERE. In the link you can also find information about the benefit and details on how it will be delivered.

350 Yanapay voucher: official link, beneficiaries, dates and payment methods |  Bonus 350 soles |  Yanapay.gob.pe |  Midis |  Link to Bonus 350 |  Peru Bonds |  revtli |  ANSWERS


350 Yanapay voucher: official link, beneficiaries, dates and payment methods |  Bonus 350 soles |  Yanapay.gob.pe |  Midis |  Link to Bonus 350 |  Peru Bonds |  revtli |  ANSWERS

The government of Pedro Castillo has announced that it will deliver a new 350 soles bond called Yanapay Peru, with the purpose of helping people who are in vulnerable situations. Know all the details in the following video.


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