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3 features you need to disable on your smartphone to save battery

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

3 functions that should be turned off on a smartphone to save battery

Experts named the functions that are better to turn off on any smartphone and thus improve the performance of the gadget.

Yes , first of all, you can limit the use of background data.

That is, applications on a smartphone use the Internet in the background to update information and save time when downloading when a person opens the application again. First of all, it is convenient.

"But if there are several such applications on a smartphone, they can actively use the Internet’ connection, and this affects not only the battery charge, but also your wallet", – the Center for National Resistance explains.

The use of background data can be suspended or limited. In addition, it is possible to configure it for each program separately.

Experts also advise to limit background processes. This will have a positive effect on the speed of the smartphone, and what is more important – will extend the battery life of the device.

Another way to speed up battery usage is to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning on your smartphone. What happens when these settings are enabled – the device constantly searches for nearby Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices, even if they are turned off, to improve location accuracy or precise GPS location.

Both functions can be found in the same place, but on some phones they may be located in separate menu.

In addition, in order to save battery charge, experts also advise reducing the brightness of the screen, turning on the power saving mode, and turning off the auto-start of applications. It is also necessary to turn off unnecessary indicators. Depending on the phone model, for this you need to go to “Settings” Phone — Incoming calls».

Natasha Kumar

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