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29 positions eliminated at Beenox in Quebec

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The studios from Beenox, in Quebec.

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Beenox studios in Quebec have not been spared from the cutbacks in the ranks of Microsoft: 29 employees lost their jobs last week.

13 Beenox workers based in Montreal also lost their jobs according to the most recent list of collective layoff notices made public by the Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity. Microsoft refused to answer Radio-Canada's questions.

According to our information, this is the quality assurance department at Beenox which would be mainly affected by these cuts.

We learned last week that the giant Microsoft planned to cut 1,900 jobs in its video game subsidiaries Activision-Blizzard and Xbox. Beenox is a subsidiary of Activision which is based in Quebec and Montreal.

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The Beenox studios are located in the Saint-Roch district of Quebec.

Beenox employees in Quebec have notably worked on several games in the Call of Duty saga, including the Warzone titles and the new version of Modern Warfare III.

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The video game industry is going through a difficult period: more than 6,000 industry workers have lost their jobs in the past month.

Microsoft recorded a turnover of 62 billion $ for the period September to December 2023.

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