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27 years in prison for the murder of a professional blogger -Kremlin

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Darya Trepova, accused of killing blogger Vladlen Tatarskiï, at the Saint Petersburg court, January 25, 2024.

Agency France-Presse

Russian justice announced that it had sentenced Daria Trepova, a 26-year-old woman accused of the explosive murder in April, to 27 years in prison on Thursday 2023 from a Russian nationalist blogger specializing in the assault on Ukraine.

This assassination, orchestrated according to Moscow by Ukraine – which has never confirmed it – caused a great stir in Russia, particularly in the community. of the most fervent supporters of military intervention in neighboring Ukraine.

Daria Trepova was sentenced to 27 years in a penal colony, a military court in St. Petersburg (northwest Russia) where the trial took place said in a statement.

The young woman listened to the verdict, dressed in a white sweater with oranges, from the glass cage of the accused, according to an AFP photographer.

The public prosecutor had requested 28 years of imprisonment against Daria Trepova.

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It's the harshest sentence publicly handed down to a woman in Russia since the fall of the USSR, Ria Novosti agency reported, specifying that under Russian law a woman can receive a maximum of 30 years in prison in the event of terrorism accusation.

Blogger Vladlen Tatarskiï, whose real name is Maxime Fomin, was killed in April 2023, after accepting a booby-trapped statuette, in a cafe in Saint Petersburg, hands of Daria Trepova. The explosion also injured around thirty people.

She was then quickly arrested for terrorism and placed in detention. Moscow accused Kiev and “agents” of imprisoned opponent Alexeï Navalny of being behind the operation.

Au During her interrogation and her trial, the young woman always assured that she did not know that she was carrying a bomb, believing that she had been manipulated.

She said she believed that the statuette contained a listening device, while the Russian prosecutor's office considers that the accused knew that she was carrying a booby-trapped object.

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The explosion in April 2023 in a cafe in Saint Petersburg also left around thirty people injured.

I would like to apologize for this what happened. I'm still ashamed, she declared in January to the judges, quoted by the Russian media.

Ms. Trepova claimed to have acted the request of a person in Ukraine whom she only knew under the name of Guechtalt and who the latter had assured her that the booby-trapped statuette contained a microphone.

She also assured that she accepted the mission because of her opposition to the assault launched by Russia against Ukraine, which the victim supported and covered on social networks.

President Vladimir Putin had more generally pointed out the supposed role of Western secret services in attacks described as terrorists on Russian soil.

He also decorated Tatarskyi posthumously, awarding him the Order of Courage.

Kiev, for its part, has never confirmed its involvement in this assassination, and Ukrainian officials had estimated that it was an internal settling of scores within Russian nationalist circles.

Ukraine has been accused by Moscow of several targeted attacks, such as the one that caused the death in August 2022 of Daria Dougina, daughter of the ultranationalist ideologue Alexandre Dugin, or the one who seriously injured in May 2023 the writer Zakhar Prilepin, fervent support of the assault in Ukraine.

Moscow accused Kiev and “agents” of imprisoned opponent Alexei Navalny of being behind the operation.

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