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$25M to decarbonize the electricity grid in Saskatchewan

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Dec6,2023

$25 million to decarbonize the electricity network in Saskatchewan

According to Environment Minister Christine Tell, Saskatchewan's commitment to decarbonizing its electricity grid will not come at the expense of the province's economy. (Archive photo)

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Saskatchewan announced Tuesday the launch of the $25 million Saskatchewan Technology Fund to fund projects to reduce, sequester and capture greenhouse gas emissions.

In a press release issued Tuesday, the government says the Saskatchewan Technology Fund was designed in collaboration with industry partners and will be administered by Innovation Saskatchewan.

Provincially regulated emitters can tap the fund to help finance the adoption of technologies that reduce the intensity of their emissions, says the government.

We have joined forces with industry to create a technology fund capable of meeting the ambitions of our industry and increasing our competitive advantage, notes the Minister of the Environment, Christine Tell.

She adds that this is the province's long-term commitment to decarbonizing its electricity network. However, this transition cannot sacrifice the affordability and reliability of our electricity network, specifies the minister.

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Christine Tell says this commitment aims to “protect” Saskatchewan and its economy from the risk of global uncertainty and destructive federal policies.

The launch of this fund is welcomed by the president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), Lisa Baiton.

The province's flexible approach, combined with the use of a competitive application process to provide funds to qualified technology projects, helps maintain competitiveness and prevent carbon emissions, emphasizes she.

Lisa Baiton adds that the funding program supports projects that have proven to be effective ways for the industry to reduce costs. greenhouse gas emissions.

Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES) Vice-President Bob Halliday believes the announcement is a positive step toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

I think that giving money directly to the industry does not make sense. Instead, we should give money to companies that will help the industry perform better in terms of energy, because that seems more logical.

However, according to Bob Halliday, this $25 million investment seems modest compared to the $2 billion allocated by Alberta to a similar fund. /p>

In total, the Saskatchewan Technology Fund received 20 expressions of interest, depending on the province.

With information from David Houle

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