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23.5% increase for teachers, in average | Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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Beyond salary increases, the agreement in principle provides help for classes where there are many students in difficulty.

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Common Front teachers will receive a salary increase of 23.5% over 5 years, on average, taking into account the compound effect, according to documents obtained by Radio-Canada on Monday, as part of the session of the Common Front. information from the Estrie Education Union.

In early January, details circulated online that the Common Front had secured wage increases of 17.4% over five years for the 420,000 public sector workers it represents. This information was published, then removed from a press release from the Common Front, made up of the CSN, the CSQ, the FTQ and the APTS.

However, Radio-Canada was able to consult the complete salary scale proposed to members.

According to this, the first year of the agreement provides for an increase of 6%. Subsequently, the increases are of the order of 2.8% for 2024, 2.6% for 2025, 2.5% for 2026 and 3.5% for 2027.

For example, a teacher at grade 8 will see their salary increase from $62,820 annually to $79,292 in April 2027, which represents an increase of 26.2%, considering the compound effect. /p>

Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

Consult the complete file

Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

Consult the complete file


Those at the top of the pay scale, step 16, will see their salaries rise from $92,027 to $109,151 at the end of the collective agreement. This is an increase of 18.6%, again considering the compound effect.

Regarding substitutes, the amount offered will increase from $46.52 to $100.28 for a period of 60 minutes for a teacher with 16 years of seniority.

As for the Fédération des syndicats de l'enseignement du Québec (FSE-CSQ), 3,350 new permanent positions will be opened. A new status will also be created, that of permanent part-time teacher.

The agreement in principle also provides that the assignments of temporary teachers will be completed on August 8 of each year.

Elementary teachers will not x27;will have more monitoring to do by 2027-2028. This measure will cost the government more than $40 million.

Resources will also be added in 20% of 5-year-old kindergarten classes. In difficult secondary level environments, special education technicians, among others, will be added. In total, these measures will cost a little more than $43 million.

Members of the Estrie Education Union , affiliated with FSE-CSQ, are the first to vote Wednesday evening, after an online information session.

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