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Triumphant 20 years ago, democracy is going through troubled times. Will she, despite everything, be able to do well in the various elections that await her, in the United States as elsewhere in the world?

2024, democracy put to the test by the ballot box

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Kuomintang supporters wave Taiwan flags during an election rally in Keelung on January 4, 2024.

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From Taiwan to the United States, via Mexico and India, elections with different issues planned this year all point to the same challenge: safeguarding the legitimacy of a battered political regime, while autocracy seduces many growing number of peoples.

The election that will keep the world in suspense this year is the one that will take place in the United States in November. This election will be decisive for the United States, but also for the entire planet. It will decide the continuation of the war in Ukraine as well as the relations of Moscow and China with the West. More broadly, the global chessboard could change its face.

Will the Americans, as the polls suggest, elect a candidate who challenges question the institutions and who is accused of having fomented an insurrection?

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In response to a question from a Fox News host, Mr. Trump said on December 5 that he would not abuse his powers, “except on the first day.”

People who study democracy are watching this election with great concern, says Sadia Sidhu, director of the Center for Effective Government at the University of Chicago. The difficulties encountered when it came time to certify the results of the last presidential election, which former President Donald Trump tried to invalidate, are nothing to reassure, explains -she.

However, it is difficult to anticipate what might happen if Donald Trump is re-elected, notes Sanjay Ruparelia, associate professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Toronto Metropolitan University and holder of the Jarislowsky Chair in democracy.

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