2023 Shevchenko Prize nominees announced

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Nominees for Shevchenko Prize 2023 announced

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On January 18, the second round of the competition among the nominated works of art for the  National Taras Shevchenko Prize of Ukraine in 2023 took place. The members of the Committee determined the works admitted to participate in the third round of the competition, reports press – committee service.

The following works were shortlisted for the 2023 Shevchenko Prize in the traditional seven categories:


  • Averbukh Alexander Mikhailovich Book of poems "King of the Jews".
  • Kalitko Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Book of poems "The Order of Silencers".
  • Cherednik Artyom Alexandrovich (Artem Chekh) The novel "Who are you?".


  • Zhadko Viktor Alekseevich Books "If God let me lean against the university", "Everyone has their own destiny".
  • Mikhail Iosifovich Nazarenko The book "Except "Kobzar" . Anthology of Ukrainian literature. 1792-1883." In two parts.
  • Tarnashinskaya Lyudmila Bronislavovna The book "Ukrainian Sixties: profiles against the background of a generation. Historical, literary and poetic aspects".


  • Olga Petrovna Dubchak Books "Hear in Ukrainian", "See in Ukrainian".
  • Kazarin Pavel Vladimirovich Book "Wild West of Eastern Europe".
  • < li>Bogdan Anatolyevich Logvinenko (idea author), Nikolai Mikhailovich Nosok (director), Karina Aleksandrovna Pilyugina&nbsp ;(producer) Documentary series "Deoccupation".

  • Vitaly Eduardovich Portnikov Publicism 2017-2022.


  • Kompanichenko Taras Viktorovich, Okhrimchuk Sergey Mikhailovich, Danileiko Severin Vladimirovich, Krysko Yaroslav Andreevich, Berezhnyuk Maxim Pavlovich (performers)  Group "Khorea Cossack" Audio album "Songs of the Ukrainian Revolution".
  • Petrichenko Evgeniy Vladimirovich< /strong> (composer), Plish Bogdan Iosifovich (chief conductor of the Boris Lyatoshinsky Classical Music Ensemble), Olga Ivanovna Kononenko (general director of the State Organization “National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine”, executive producer) Musical diptych album "KOLYADATRI'UT'.


  • Vitaly Ivanovich Portnoy (artist) Invertebrate Anatomy Series.


  • Marina Yurievna Gorbach (scriptwriter and director) Full-length feature film "Klondike".
  • Zinchenko Alexander Nikolaevich (scriptwriter), Lysenko Sergey Anatolyevich (director) Documentary series "Collapse. How the Ukrainians destroyed the evil empire".
  • Tselyk Irina Andreevna (director) Film "The Earth is blue as an orange".


  • Aleksey Ivanovich Gnatkovsky (director) William Shakespeare's comedy "12 Night or Whatever You Want" Ivano-Frankivsk National Academic Drama Theater named after Ivan Franko.
  • Zakhozhenko Dmitry Olegovich (director), Khoroshko Alexey Evgenievich (set designer ), Antonyak Maria Vladimirovna (costume designer), Oxana Alexandrovna Zimbalist, Sidorko Vasily Vasilyevich (actors) Performance "Philoctetes. Antique rave" based on the plays of Sophocles and Geiner of the Lesya Ukrainka Drama Theater.

Shevchenko Prize – the highest creative award for a significant contribution to the development of culture and art in Ukraine.  It has been awarded since 1961. Laureates of the award are traditionally to be announced on the birthday of Taras Shevchenko, which is celebrated on March 9.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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