Second in Group E behind a surprising team from Japan, Spain will have to defeat Morocco in the round of 16 scheduled for Tuesday at 4 p.m. Before playing his future in the World Cup, Gavi confided in him at length for Marca. From the style of play advocated by Luis Enrique to his personal rise through his ambitions and the level displayed by the other selections, the nugget of FC Barcelona has not avoided any subject. Excerpts.

World Cup 2022, Spain: Gavi warns La Roja before challenging Morocco!

  • World Cup 2022, Spain: Gavi warns La Roja before challenging Morocco!

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    World Cup 2022, Spain: Gavi warns La Roja before challenging Morocco!


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The surprise is significant. Announced as one of the big favorites for the final title, Spain experienced a first misstep in this Qatari World Cup. If the affront cannot be compared to that experienced by Germany, eliminated from the World Cup in the first round, La Roja has, despite everything, suffered the law of Japan during the group stage. Defeated by the Blue Samurai (1-2), against all odds, Luis Enrique's men finished in second place in Group E and will therefore challenge Morocco in the round of 16. A sizeable adversary that is wary of Gavi, a young prodigy of Spanish football.

Gavi is wary of Morocco!

“I expect a very difficult match, because it is a World Cup. You said that Morocco were better than Croatia and Belgium, two very high level teams. What more can you say? We have seen that they form a great team, collectively and individually”,, thus launched the midfielder of Barça, questioned by Marca, before warning his people: “I respect everyone, but I'm not afraid of anyone. Of course, Brazil are one of the big favourites, but there's no point thinking about what can happen in four days. We saw it with Japan. The only thing that matters is the next game. And this is Morocco”. “They have very good quality players and they work very well collectively, it will be a very difficult and very balanced game. They eliminated Belgium. We will have to be on a great day to beat them”, added Rodri, present at the press conference.

Relaunched on the weaknesses displayed in the game against Hajime Moriyasu's men , Gavi admittedly admitted his frustration. “We wanted to win, be first and continue with the good feelings. The coach had warned us that it was the most difficult match, that whatever we heard, we had to be clear about it. And that's how it happened. Then the hours passed and we started to see things differently. We are in the round of 16 and there are very good teams who failed to qualify. That's why we really have to think that pressure is a privilege”. Despite everything, the number 9 of La Roja took the opportunity to remind that the whole group had confidence in the precepts of play advocated by Luis Enrique.

A game philosophy to assume

“The match against Japan should be a learning experience for what is to come. We're not going to lose sight of our goal, which is to win the World Cup, and we're going to get there by staying true to what we've been doing all these years. It would be a mistake to give up everything we believe in now. We have to take note of our mistakes, correct them and go to the World Cup with more conviction than ever. We will give everything in every game. We know that our way of playing will always be the same. What happened is we stopped doing that, moving the ball from side to side, doing what we do best. We have to learn a lot from this match. I'm sure the band is mature enough to do it.”.

Sure of his strength and confident in the ability of his team to raise their level of play against the Atlas Lions, Gavi finally wanted to send a message to the supporters of La Roja. “I agree with the coach when he says that football is a show, a show. We want Spain to be enthusiastic with us, to be proud of the game we play. Today's truth is not tomorrow's. The road is very important and I feel particularly proud when people praise Spanish football”, confided the Spanish international (16 caps, 3 goals) before concluding with strong words, symbolizing all his determination: “it's true that despite my age, I don't give up, I'm not afraid of anything on a football pitch, I'm just going there to have fun and give my best -same. I can't conceive of football any other way”. Morocco has been warned. The challenge promises to be immense, but who knows how the paper summarizing this future round of 16 will begin: the surprise is huge?


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