At a press conference, coach Tite confirmed that Neymar will play well in the round of 16 against South Korea.

 2022 World Cup, Brazil: Tite puts an end to the suspense for Neymar! /></p>
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  • World Cup 2022, Brazil: Tite puts an end to the suspense for Neymar!

    Brazil 05/12

    World Cup 2022, Brazil: Tite puts an end to the suspense for Neymar!

    South Korea

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    For several days now, Brazil had been holding its breath. Would Neymar be back in time for the rest of the World Cup? Touched in the ankle (and not just a little) during the meeting against Serbia, the PSG player came out disappointed, on the verge of tears. Images that left us fearing the worst, especially after watching the action in question where we could clearly see his ankle turning.

    Very quickly, the Brazilian media “reassured” about the seriousness of the injury explaining that the player would only miss the group stage. A version then confirmed by the medical staff, the players and the coach Tite. Since then, the PSG player has been in a race against time to return in time for what looks like the last World Cup of his career. The players were impatiently awaiting his return because Brazil without Neymar is a much less necessarily impressive Brazil.

    Tite confirms Neymar presence against South Korea

    “We hope that Neymar will be back for the round of 16. He does recovery every day, all the time. Just like Danilo or Alex Sandro. They are important players. Everyone talks about Neymar because he is the star, but we are waiting for the return of the 3”, explained Fabinho after the defeat against Cameroon. In recent days, Neymar has also publicly reassured his supporters by posting several images of his rehabilitation on social networks. “I feel good, I knew I would be now”, he launched this Friday after his return to training.

    Good news before the decisive match against South Korea in the round of 16. But still no confirmation… at least until today. In a press conference, coach Tite confirmed that Neymar would be back for this match and that he will play the game well. “As for Neymar, he will train this afternoon and in training he will be present. I will wait for the training. I don't like to anticipate so as not to transmit information that is not true. I want certainty. He will train and if he is well, he will start. The other ten, I'm not choosing them yet,” explained Tite. This should please millions of Brazilian fans.

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