$ 20,000 for a harassed city GM

$ 20,000 for a harassed city GM

Victim of harassment on the part of a councilor, the general manager of the City of Saint-Lambert obtained significant compensation, the legality of which is now disputed.

Last Wednesday, the municipal council of Saint-Lambert voted for its director general, Georges Pichet, to obtain an indemnity of $ 20,000 in compensation for moral damages “which he alleges to have suffered in connection with psychological harassment”, according to this than The newspaper has learned.

The agreement in principle adopted stipulates that the firm Altifica, mandated to shed light on the allegations, concluded in December 2019 that Mr. Pichet was the victim of psychological harassment on the part of city councilor Bernard Rodrigue.

It was impossible to have more details on what Mr. Pichet underwent, but in October, during a municipal council, the mayor Pierre Brodeur had indicated that his CEO was the victim of harassment from elected officials , including one who would have called him a scoundrel.

This conflict does not seem to be the only one to plague Saint-Lambert.

The confidential agreement also provides that the City and its CEO put a definitive end to all their disputes, past, present and future.

Consequently, the Board has granted Mr. Pichet a severance package of 14 months’ salary, or just over $ 211,300, which will be paid to him when he retires on 1er July.

“Usually, a harassment problem does not come alone. This is often accompanied by other kinds of problems of all kinds, ”said Danielle Pilette, a specialist in municipal management who teaches at UQAM.

At the same time, she deplores the increase in the number of cases of harassment in cities.

The legality of the agreement concluded with the DG is contested by three councilors since it would have been adopted in an extraordinary meeting which was not convened at least 24 hours before its start, as provided for in the Cities and Towns Act. .

In addition, Bernard Rodrigue sent a formal notice to try to wash his reputation. According to his lawyer, the resolution which suggests that Mr. Rodrigue would have harassed Mr. Pichet is defamatory and “the conclusion of the Altifica firm is devoid of legal basis”.

Saint-Lambert did not respond to our interview requests.


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