20 dogs, 20 cats, three squirrels and a bird came to Cherkasy region at once from the resettlement

20 dogs, 20 cats, three squirrels and a bird came to Cherkasy region at once from the resettlement

Irina Makogon, a migrant from the Donetsk region, came to the Talnivshchyna together with her friends. There are 20 dogs, 20 cats, three squirrels and a bird.

To Cherkasy region 20 dogs, 20 cats, three squirrels and a bird came at once from the resettlement

The story of the “Visti of Cherkasy” is spoken about.

The migrant came to Cherkasy region in Lipnya. At Maidanetsky, there was a bunch of houses and nin_ obshtovouєtsya. Rozpovida, took Talnivshchyna through those who knew little here, and the women's nieces helped with the move. Mrs. Irina knows that the whispers of the future life were three times long and were even more troublesome, even if she was searching the place not only for herself, but for her lovers. Volunteers helped deliver five dogs, the reshta was transported by a vintage car: great dogs in cages, and cats in carriers.

The migrant guessed that it was very important to leave the house. Especially leave the houses and the entire territory covered for the living of creatures. Now the woman needs to work everything from scratch.

posichit, moreover, even more varto induce enclosures for dogs and living quarters for cats. The territory was rich with huts near the village, the one that is larger than those who don’t have a parkan around the perimeter of the yard. After all the creatures, it’s necessary to accompany with a hand, which takes a lot of time, – Irina Makogon said.

Behind the profession, Mrs. Irina Shvachka. That kind of sewing is not able, it seems that everything is in her possession, but it is still unpacked. You can take up sewing clothes for everything, if you have enough space for your lovers to think normally for living.

Like a rozpovida zhіnka, in їhnіy sіm'ї zavzhd were opiated by true family friends. Also, it’s more than a little mustache to love creatures. If it is unfortunate to succumb to the kitten’s chi, as if the rulers were deprived, then without thinking they take it to themselves. Rozpovіdaє, that they have their own history on the skin, they try to give everyone an apron, sіgrіti and infuriate

, and the Vlasniks just threw someone away, – the woman added.

Irina Makogon will be glad to help. She does not have enough money for the morning of such a number of creatures. It is necessary to regularly bathe them with food, cereals and other products. It is also necessary to take them to the veterinarian for a look, and getting from the village to the locality is also costly. Even before winter, it is necessary to clear up a place for living at home.

If you can ask for help to help a woman, call for її phone – 0975879713 – Irina Viktorivna.

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