2 weeks before strict quarantine: what will the Moscow authorities go to

2 weeks before strict quarantine: what will the Moscow authorities go to

2 weeks before strict quarantine: what will the Moscow authorities go to

Investing.com – Authorities in the capital have prepared three scenarios for tightening restrictions due to the coronavirus, sources in the mayor's office told Vedomosti. Their details are not specified, but if the situation does not improve, then within two weeks will be declared one hundred percent self-isolation.

Now the main task is to assess the dynamics of the spread of COVID-19 after the introduction of “primary measures”, say the interlocutors of the newspaper. While the mayor's office extended the school holidays for a week, which began on October 5, it recommended that people over 65 and those with chronic diseases not leave their homes, and obliged employers to transfer at least 30% of employees to remote work.

In the next two days, the mayor's office is also to announce the blocking of travel in the metro on social cards for schoolchildren and pensioners. However, there is no talk about the introduction of QR codes for the movement of all Muscovites, sources in the mayor's office clarified. “Although this is not excluded. The situation is quite difficult, hospitals are already packed with patients, ”they said.

The interlocutors of “Vedomosti” stressed that with a new jump in the incidence in the capital, the authorities found themselves in a difficult situation, since new restrictions could “finish off the business.” “The city hall is in a difficult situation – it needs to find the right arguments to explain why the coronavirus has returned and this requires serious restrictions,” they say.

Over the past day, 10,888 new cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Russia, the operational headquarters for combating the spread of the disease informed. Earlier, the first deputy head of the Social Committee of the Federation Council, Valery Ryazansky, admitted that the authorities could again close the borders and suspend international flights. However, the operational headquarters said it did not plan to make such a decision yet.

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