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2 planes of the Russian airline broke down in the air in a day

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

2 planes of a Russian airline broke down in the air within a day

Russian airlines continue to face technical problems during the transportation of citizens. On Wednesday, May 22, two “Yamala” planes at once were forced to make an emergency landing in Tyumen due to breakdowns, the Ural Transport Prosecutor's Office reports.

In the morning, the crew of the Sukhoi Superjet 100, which was flying from Ufa to Novy Urengoy, reported a failure in the automatics. The commander of the aircraft decided to go to the Roshchino reserve airfield in Tyumen. The landing was normal.

In the afternoon, another plane of the “Yamal” airline company Airbus 320, which was on its way to Ufa — Noyabrsk, made an emergency landing at the same airport due to depressurization of the pilot's cabin. There were 93 passengers on board, no one was injured.

The Novourengoi Transport Prosecutor's Office and the Central Interregional Investigative Department of the Transport of the Russian Federation are conducting an inspection to find out the circumstances of the air incidents.

The day before, the Red Wings SSJ-100 aircraft could not take off from Chelyabinsk to Novy Urengoy due to a technical malfunction. The flight was delayed for 16.5 hours. 38 passengers registered for it. 21 of them were placed in a hotel while waiting.

The number of air accidents and more serious events caused by technical malfunctions has increased since the Russian aviation industry came under EU and US sanctions for the war in Ukraine. In 2023, at least 74 different aircraft breakdowns in the air were recorded, which is 38 more than in 2022, according to the German research company Jacdec. There were almost 10 air accidents for every 100,000 flights, while a year earlier — only five, according to the analysis of the research company Cirium.

According to the data of Rosaviatsia, in just 11 months of last year, there were 670 aviation incidents in the country, of which 400 were related to the failure of equipment, including engines . The problems are obvious: carriers cannot legally purchase new foreign aircraft and original spare parts, and the aviation authorities allow parts to be used longer than safety standards allow, which leads to accidents, noted RunAvia head Andriy Patrakov.

Set up Russia's own production until it comes out. According to the forecast of the Oliver Wyman consulting company, the country's aircraft fleet will be more than halved by 2026.

In September 2022, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) awarded Russia a “red flag” based on the results of a flight safety audit. Of the 193 countries that are part of the ICAO, only Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Liberia have the same.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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