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2 arrests after s a pro-Palestine demonstration

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Toronto police arrested the two men following a demonstration in Eaton Center in Toronto on December 17. (Archive photo)


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In Toronto, the police have arrested two men for mischief and assault against an officer, in particular, a little more than a month after a demonstration at the Eaton Center on December 17.

The police indicated in December that they were investigating the pro-Palestinian protest that occurred near the Zara store.

According to the police, the accused of 19 and 34-year-old tried to prevent employees from closing the store and pushed a security guard.

One of them also allegedly pushed a police officer, while the other allegedly hit an officer with an umbrella. One of the accused also allegedly made verbal threats to an individual in the shopping center.

Number of members of the Jewish community in Toronto say they do not feel safe with the increase in anti-Israel protests.

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Police Chief Myron Demkiw apologized at the start of January after police officers delivered coffee to pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

In a press release published Sunday, the police force said it respected people's right to demonstrate peacefully. But any protester whose behavior shifts from legality to criminality is likely to be arrested, police add.

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