198-a doba of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian occupiers

198-a doba of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian occupiers

198 good heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian invaders /p>

The General Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine provided operational information to the camp on 09.09.2022 about the Russian invasion.

The one hundred and ninety-eighth doba of the heroic defense of the Ukrainian national military Invasion.

The enemy zoseredzhuvav zusillya on the establishment of new control over the territory of the Donetsk region, utrimanny Timchasovo burying areas in Kherson, parts of Kharkiv, Zaporizko and Mykolaiv regions. I will constantly improve the reconnaissance of UAVs, continue to live and improve the logistical security of my aircraft.

By the end of the day, finish off the enemy by leading 45 air strikes and 5 missile strikes, targeting the settlements of Kostyantynivka, Tsirkuni, Radushna, Kharkiv. And the victims among the civilian population.

On the Volynsky and Polisky straight lines, on the territory of Belarus, the military training began, at the hour of which it is planned to carry out food “crying out of the swamped territories”. The threat of launching missile and air strikes on the territory of Ukraine from the Republic of Belarus is being avoided.the intensity of shelling from the side of the enemy significantly decreased. On other straights, the enemy continued in the fire of the battle against the military and civil areas of Ukraine, and itself:

on the Kharkiv straightaway, from the cannon and rocket artillery, near the areas of settlements in Udy, Sosnivka , Duvanka, Tsupivka, Prudyanka, Dementivka, Velyki Prokhodi, Nursery, Ruski Tishki, Petrivka, Peremoga, Bayrak and Kostyantinivka;– bіla Dolini, Krasnopіllya, Slov’janska and Mikіlskogo;

on the Kramatorsk straightaway – in the areas of settlements in Bogorodichna, Novomykolaivka, Serebryanka, Siversk, Verkhnyokam’yansk, Ivano-Dar’ivka, Spirna, Rozdolivka and Hryhorivka;

on the Bakhmutsky straight line – near Yakovlivka, Soledar, Bakhmutsky, Bakhmut, Veselo Dolina, Zaitsevo, New York and Veselo;– in the areas of Kamyanka, Avdiivka, Pervomaisky, Vodyany and Opitny; near Mar’nka, Paraskovivka, Novomikhailivka, Velyka Novosilka, Novoukrainka, Prechistivka and Mikilskogo;

on Zaporizky straight line – in the areas of settlements Novopil, Vremivka, Poltavka, Zaliznychna, Chervone, Novoandriyivka and Orikhiv;– in the areas of settlements in Arkhangelsk, Novovoznesensk, Mirolyubivka, Novovoskresensk, Bilogirka, Novogrigorivka, Shevchenkov, Lyubomyrivka, Ternovi Pody, Stepova Dolina, Mirna, Olgin, Oleksandrivka and Tavriysk.

In response to the onslaught of our troops, in the surrounding areas of the Kherson region, the armed forces of the Russian Federation were bred to switch to the tactics of terroristic and completely miserable civilians. So, behind the obvious information, in the settlement of Velika Oleksandrivka, the inhabitants of the village of Velika Oleksandrivka occupied the vikorists of the population at the semblance of a “human shield”. Close the settlement on the vʼїzd that vїzd.

The Defense Forces escorted them heroically to take up positions and prevent the enemy from slipping through. Our defenders successfully defeated the enemy offensive in the areas of the settlements of Udi, Kostyantynivka, Virnopillya, Ploske, Mayorsk, Bezimenne and Kam’yanka.

The defense forces to conduct a successful counterattack on Kharkiv directly. Zavdyaks, for the encouragement of the local population, pushed through the city for 50 km in 3 days. Behind the data of the investigation, the okremі vorozhі pіdrozdіli recognized significant expenses. The occupiers are trying to evacuate wounds from a special warehouse and the need for military equipment in the areas of settlements in Vilhuvatka and Borodoyarsk. A special warehouse of occupational soldiers in a civil dress goes to desertion and tries to turn to the territory of the Russian Federation. So, by the end of the battle, over 15 such attacks were assigned.

Rocket troops and artillery of our ground groups continue to defeat the task of counter-battery combat, damage to the control system and logistics security, enemy manpower and combat equipment


After a short period of time, the Defense Forces aircraft hit 20 strikes, hit 2 platoon strongholds, 15 districts of manpower and military equipment, 3 anti-aircraft missile systems. 4 UAVs and Ka-52 helicopter were dropped. Spending the manpower of the enemy is specified.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga