188-a doba of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian occupiers

188-a doba of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian occupiers

188-a kind of heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian occupiers /p>

The General Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine provided operational information to the camp on 30.08.2022 about the Russian invasion.

The one hundred and eighty eighth bonus of the heroic resistance to the Ukrainian National Military Trade was announced

Противник продовжує зосереджувати зусилля на встановленні повного контролю над територією Донецької області, утриманні захоплених районів Херсонської, частини Харківської, Запорізької та Миколаївської областей.

Російські окупанти й далі завдають авіаційних та ракетних ударів по цивільних об’єктах на території України .

On the Volinsky and Polisky straight lines the situation is without substantive changes. The military forces of the Republic of Belarus were raised to commemorate the head of the settlement for the protection of the village of the Belarusian-Ukrainian cordon in the Brest and Gomel regions.

Snowing the habitation of the Zavdannya by the enemy of the missiles of the Avіaetsiychi, the spacecraft of the renopubbleki bilorus.

on the Siberian straightening The opponent of the zremi was the troops of the federal federal feds. . The enemy was fired by artillery shelling in the areas of the settlements of Obodi, Novovasilivka and Miropilsk Sumy region.

On the Slobozhansky straight linethe enemy continues to conduct combat operations with the method of morning before the occupied lines and preventing the offensive of the defense forces. , Ruska Lozova, Petrivka, Stariy Saltiv, Nursery, Sosnivka ta Velyki Go.

The enemy launched an offensive battle in order to improve the tactful position in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Udi, after a fire attack by our soldiers.

Slov’Yansky directly the enemy was fired from cannon artillery and multiple launch rocket systems near Velyka Komishuvakha, Krasnopillya, Dmitrivka, Brazhkivka, Dolinya and Bogorodichny.

The enemy tried to conduct a reconnaissance UAV in the Bogorodichny area. The lethal apparatus was undermined by Ukrainian defenders.

The enemy spawners made a test of conducting assault rifles at a straight line of the Cords, the success was not small, they did.

On Kramatorsk straight ahead, the invaders fired from cannon and rocket artillery at the areas of Zvanivka, Siversk, Verkhnyokam & rsquo; Janskogo and Slov & rsquo; Jansk. The air strikes in Hryhorivka and Prishyba were behind us.

On the Bakhmutsky straight lineshelling from tanks, cannon and rocket artillery was recorded near Soledar, Dolinya, Zaitsevy and Bilogorivka. The enemy led air strikes in the areas of settlements in Soledar and Kodema, as well as a missile strike against Kostyantinivka. They took off the vіdsіch and vіdstupili.

At the Avdіїvskomu straight ahead artillery shelling continues near the areas of settlements in Opitna, Pervomaisk, Avdіїvka, Mar’їnka, Novooleksandrivka, Vodyane, Novomikhailivka and Tonenka. The enemy in the offensive battles near the straight lines of Mar’nka and Novomikhailivka, I won’t succeed, vidiyshov. Explore directly from Opitny.

On the Novopavlivskomu straight line the territory of Vugledar, Velyka Novosilka, Prechistivka, Novopol and Zeleny Pole was recognized as a frightful igniter.

On the Zaporizhsky straight linethe enemy shelled the areas of settlements in Novodanilivka, Gulyaypilska, Charivna, Poltavka, Mali Shcherbaki, Zaliznichne, Novoivanovka and Dorozhnyanka. Head of air strikes nearby Novodanilivka, Novosilka, Kamyansky and Stepovoe. I will check the reconnaissance of UAVs in the areas of Orikhiv, Gulyaipol and Novoandrivka.

On Pivdennobuzky straight ahead the enemy was shelled in the areas of settlements in Oleksandrivka, Stepova Dolina, Liman, Blagodatna, Mirna, Kotlyarevo, Shevchenkove , Novomykolaivka, Pervomaisk, Partizansk, Shiroka, Chervona Dolina, Chervoniy Yar, Murakhivka, Lozov, Trudolyubivka, Zelenodolsk, Olga and Dobryanka. Having led the air strike against Andriivka.

During the offensive battles near Potomkin, no success, no luck.

The rearing of the UAV plant near Davidov Brod, Snigurivka and Veliky Artakovy.

< p>Enemy ship formations in the waters of the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov The main susilla is monitored for exploration and blocking of civil shipping. In readiness, until the stagnation, the noses of the sea-based cruise missiles of the Caliber” sea-based.

The threat of missile strikes on the objects and elements of the infrastructure in the depths of the territory of Ukraine is removed.

Prepared: Sergiy Daga