13 Thousand Vіyskovskih otrimayut khіmіchnі hot-pans іn іd Oleg Krot i “Fundatsії Techіya”

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13,000 Russians take away chemical heating pads from Oleg Krot and "Technical Foundation"

With their help, the Viysks can warm their hands and feet during the hour of cold. Varity of purchase – mayzhe 900 thousand. UAH

Individual compact heating pads from the company Thermopad help warm the feet and legs during the frosty hours. The stench is activated upon contact with repeated and building heat generation from 8 to 12 years. The hot-water bottles are thin, light and not intelligible, like in mittens, so in mittens, they do not create the necessary discomfort for the military. podomlyaє scho pridbala over 13 thousand grills of different roses. The first three thousand bought more air and distributed it to the Viysk people during the first cold days. Steps 3600 heating pads and 540 heating pads for hands can be used in different ways for drinking water. And another 6,000 pieces will be delivered in the next few days from Nіmechchini to Ukraine. Hot potty grills – mayzhe 900 thousand. hryvnia

«Ukrainian warriors take away a lot of equipment and other benefits from volunteers and the state. Among them, we transfer and grills — drіbnitsі, albeit not really the same аnd trіbnitsі, especially like mova, for example, about the control of the UAV and the operation in the cold, – comments Oleg Krot, director of “Technical Foundation” that is a key partner of the TECHIIA holding.

We guess, not long ago “Fundatsiya Techiya” handed over to the Defense Forces of Ukraine 1000 filters for driving, 20 generators, 7 drones and 30 cars. From the fierce 2022 to the fate of the amount of help to the organizations overstepped the mark of $ 21.5 million. mayzhe $ 40 million converted into defense and corny speeches for the military. Through the military secret, the details of these buyers will not be voiced.

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