13 Reasons Why season 4, Love, Victor… : top 10 series to see in June 2020

13 Reasons Why saison 4, Love, Victor... : top 10 des séries à voir en juin 2020

13 Reasons Why season 4, Love, Victor… : top 10 series to see in June 2020

The beautiful days arrive, but if you’re more the type to continue to stay at home, you will be always spoiled. Yes, new series arrive in June and there will be something for all tastes ! Season 4 of 13 Reasons Why to Love, Victor through season 4 of Rick and Morty, or even behind-the-scenes of The Snow Queen 2, here are our top 10 series to see in June 2020.

13 Reasons Why season 4

This is the end for the high school students from 13 Reasons Why. They will finally have their diploma and leave the school cursed Liberty High… if they survive this season 4 ! The secrets of Clay, Justin, Jessica and the other will rise to the surface and the truth about the death of Monty will be on the point of exploding. Enough to set the nerves of our heroes to the test. All the more that Clay seems to be on the breaking point…
Release Date : 5 June on Netflix

13 Reasons Why season 4 : trailer

I May Destroy You

After having already struck the minds in Chewing Gum, of which she is the star, but also the designer, Michaela Coel is back with the series I May Destroy You” aired on HBO and in the US+24 in France on OCS. A series of dark, which explores the issue of sexual consent. There follows a influenceuse that’s going to try to remember a night that she has been largely forgotten. She will then realize that she was the victim of a rape.
Release Date : from 8 June in the US+24 on OCS.

Elementary-season 7

The adventures end for Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson with the seventh and final season ofElementary. After moving to London to be able to find Sherlock, who is forbidden to stay in the United States, they will quickly be back in the Big Apple. In the last 13 episodes, they will have to face a new enemy, Odin Reichenbach. Will they come out unscathed ?
Release Date : as of June 10, on 6ter.


After Pigalle, the night and The Witnesses, Hervé Hadmar unveils its new series : Romance. In this fantasy thriller in six episodes we will follow Jeremy who lives in 2020. One day, he discovers a photo of a woman with whom he falls in love. But Alice has lived in the 60’s. It will then attempt to find it. Divided between the eras, Romance is brought by Pierre Deladonchamps, and Olga Kurylenko also with Pierre Perrier, Barbara Schulz and Simon Abkarian.
Release Date : as soon as June 10th on France 2.

Rick and Morty season 4, part 1

For its season 4, Rick and Morty has been broadcast in two parts on Adult Swim, which is also available in France. If the two characters you are missing, good news : the series returns on June 16 on Netflix. Attention however, all the episodes will not be put online : only the first 5 will be available on this date. All in all, the fourth season contains 10 episodes, the last of which will be unveiled this Sunday, may 31, in the United States. To discover the entirety of the season, so you will need to wait.
Release Date : June 16, on Netflix.

13 Reasons Why saison 4, Love, Victor... : top 10 des séries à voir en juin 2020

Rick & Morty season 4, part 1, discover may 2020 on Netflix

The Order season 2

Even if season 1 was not unanimous, the series fantastic The Order is back on Netflix. We remind you that the show follows Jack, a student at the university of Belgrave, who is going to join the Order sealed of the blue rose, a secret society to avenge her father. Season 2 will have 10 episodes.
Release Date : June 18, on Netflix.

Love, Victor

Deemed “not enough” family to Disney+, the series Love, Victor, a sort of sequel to the film Love, Simon will arrive finally on Hulu. It follows Victor, new to the high school Creekwood which is going to face questions about his sexuality. It will not be long to crack on the sexy Benji. The series will be narrated by Nick Robinson, who played the hero Simon in the film.
Release Date : June 19, on Hulu, shortly in France.

Love, Victor : trailer

Doom Patrol season 2

In addition to Titans, DC Universe released in April 2019 season 1 Doom Patrol, adapted from the DC comics. The show is available from us on SyFy has been rather well received by the public and critics, leading to its renewal for a season 2. As expected, it is on HBO Max, which was launched this Wednesday, may 27 – as the new episodes arrive. In this sequel, there will obviously be the hero of season 1, but also a new small, Dorothy Spinner, played by Abigail Shapiro.
Release Date : June 25, on DC and HBO’s Max, soon in France

In another world : behind the scenes of The Snow Queen 2

You have always wanted to know about The Snow Queen ? Disney+ has thought of you with the documentary series, In another world : behind the scenes of The Snow Queen 2. We will discover how has been created the film designers to authors-composers, passing by the actors chosen to lend their voice to Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and the others. Six episodes will be available at the rate of one episode per week.
Release Date : from 26 June on Disney+.

Dark season 3

The end is near. First German production of Netflix, Dark ends on the 27 June. A symbolic date since it is the beginning of the last cycle that starts the apocalypse in the show. Hope that we can have the answers to all our questions (but this is not gained if one believes the creator).
Release Date : June 27, on Netflix.

Dark season 3 : trailer

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