13 Reasons Why : 10 teens receive a scholarship thanks to the series

13 Reasons Why : 10 ados reçoivent une bourse grâce à la série

13 Reasons Why : 10 teens receive a scholarship thanks to the series

50 000 dollars. This is the amount of the grant distributed to 10 teenagers by the producers of the series, 13 Reasons Why, in partnership with the application for students Scholly. While the series recently finished off with the season 4, available since last June 5 on Netflix, it is a way to continue to have an impact on the lives of students.

If the last season of 13 Reasons Why, available on Netflix since June 5, 2020, divided the fans of the series, you can’t deny that the series has raised many significant issues among young people throughout its 4 seasons : sexual assault, mental health, the search for identity, the attacks, or even the studies. But the series does much more than talk about it. On this last point, she has been winning scholarships to 10 students, following a competition in partnership with the app Scholly. Each one of them, selected for “having demonstrated their leadership in the awareness and advocacy of the mental health and other topics of well-being of students” have received a cheque of $ 5,000 to help pay for their college costs.

$ 5,000 scholarship to 10 students

The cast of the series did not fail to congratulate the winners in the way of a real graduation ceremony. Thanks Sif, who plays Ani, told Seventeen : “I want to applaud the winners of the award of 13 Reasons Why to bring the message beyond a TV series and make it a reality. The university is a unique time. We are on the verge of an enormous change. Please be aware that this is your moment, and believe in your strength. You have already accomplished so much. Congratulations.”

13 Reasons Why, series of the reality

Ross Butler (Zach Dempsey) has also expressed his pride toward those who “represent the future” : “first of All, thank you for being so brave and bold. Take a position and reveal the personal stories like yours helps others in this incredible way. I know that you are going to carry the torch and have the right conversations so that everyone, or anyone, to feel just a little less alone. Thank you.” Justin Prentice (Bruce Walker) contains a quote from his father : “always Aspires to be the best of yourself, you never know the impact total that your actions have had on the other”. He adds, “Continue to fight, continue to inform, continue to inspire. The future is in good hands.”

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