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13 fictional characters inspired by real people – Hitek

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Creating a work of fiction necessarily requires imagination. The creative teams of a project must then draw on different sources of inspiration in order to model characters and heroes who are as charismatic as they are memorable. Among the sources of inspiration we cite reality, of course, but also often other works, novels…

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek


Characters are essential elements of a story.It is then necessary to differentiate them from each other. learn from each other and find their own particularities in their own way. everyone.For this,the creators of fiction no longer hesitate to draw from reality or from works such as novels, to hope to bring life to life their characters and heroes. 

1. The Joker

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

The Joker is surely the best-known fictional supervillain in the vast universe of superheroes, yet he is indeed inspired by superheroes. of another movie character. To create The Joker, DC Comics based itself on on the German actor Conrad Veidt, in the role of the main character in The Man Who Laughs(1929).

2. Tony Stark

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

The great fictional hero Iron Man is also inspired by of a real person. It was Stan Lee himself, creator of the superhero, who admitted used the image he had of Howard Hughes to create Tony Stark. Born at the beginning of the 20th century, he is a rich businessmanwho then launched himself into in cinema as a producer.

3. Harley Quinn

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

Today, when we talk by Harley Quinn, everyone thinks about Margot Robbie, the last actress to to have embodied the young lady. However, know that in fact, it wasArleen Sorkin who inspired the character. The actress was a friend of Paul Dini, creator of Harley Quinn, who imagined the character during an episode of Days of lives in which Arleen Sorkin was dressed as a harlequin.

4. Severus Snape (harry potter)

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

The famous author J.K. Rowlinghas, as for; she, totally decided; to dive into his memories to create the story of the character of Severus Snape.Indeed, the Hogwarts professor is directly inspired by of the one who himself taught chemistry at the writer. Named John Nettleship, the man now deceased confessed having very badly experienced the honor of being the source of inspiration for the character,formerly embodied by by Alan Rickman. 

5. Piper (orange is the new black)

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

The main character of Orange is the New Black has he also existed in history. The story of Piper Chapman is therefore directly inspired by that of Piper Kerman.She also tells her story in a book where she talks about her 13 months in prison for drug trafficking. 

6. Kyle (south park)

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

Anyone who has already Having seen an episode of the series South Park, knows the terrible character of Kyle, an essential hero in the history of the series. Please note that many of the character's traits are inspired by the one who lends him his voice in the original version. Named Matt Stone, the man is alsoco-founder of the series and shares his character with Kyle, in addition to his religion.  

7. Indiana Jones

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

Indiana Jones is surely the most adventurous famous works of fiction. However, the herodraws its story from a real explorer named Hiram Bingham III. Professor at university from Yale, the man is notably known for his discovery of the ruins of Machu Picchu. InRaiders of the Lost Ark, a wink 'It is also addressed to him. during a scene where you can see a model representing the ancient city. of Machu Picchu.

8. The Binocle

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

The fragile character La Binocle is directly inspired by by singer Mark Mothersbaugh.It is he who is à the origin of the credits and music of the series Rugrats

9. Temperance Brennan (bones)

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

The series Bones highlights the adventures of a forensic anthropologist. Incarnated by Emily Deschanel, the character of Temperance Brennan is not completely fictitious. Indeed, the life of the young woman is inspired by a real forensic anthropologist named Kathy Reichs, strong> whose novels served as the basis for the series. 

10. Lily and Marshall (how i met your mother)

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

< em>How I Met Your Mother has a cast of characters, each more endearing than the last. However, when we talk about couples, one comes directly to mind and it is obviously that ofLily and Marshall. Their sassyness duo isbasedé on the couple formed by Craig Thomas, one of the creators of the series, and his wife.The latter named Rebecca would have initially refused to accept the offer. to be the source of inspiration for the character of Lily,before ultimately learning that it was Alyson Hannigan who would play the role. 

11. WALDER FREY (game of thrones)

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

In&nbsp ;Game of Thrones, Walder Frey is considered as an unreliable protagonist and habitual of betrayals. Strangely, this is also the case of Ralph Neville, a lord of the 14th century. Volatile in his alliances, the historical figure would have strongly inspired the role campé by David Bradley.

12. Olivia Pope (scandal)

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

In Scandal, Olivia Pope is a crisis management consultant. She then shares the same job as Judy Smith. Just like Kerry Washington in the series, this communications specialist works alongside politicians and other public figures in order to restore their image. Concerning fiction, Judy Smith nevertheless insisted on specify that his daily life was much less hectic than that of others. than that of Mrs. Pope,and that fortunately,she had never had to cover up no murder. 

13. Billy kimber (peaky blinders)

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

The series rie Peaky Blinders refers to a ganghaving really cut his teeth on the side of of Birmingham. However, if this is real, this is not the case for the protagonists who are not in any way concerned. They are only fictions. Well, all except one, the gangster Billy Kimber really existed. In the series, he notably serves as an antagonist during the first seasons.

14. Zorro

Before being a hero of films and series, Zorro was a character in a novel, created in a novel. by Johnston McCulley. The author admitted that the idea of ​​this fictional hero came to him inspired by the life of Joaquin Murrieta, a miner from Mexico. In the 1800s, the latter took justice into his own hands after the rape of his wife. The legend of the hero was born.

15. Captain Hook

13 fictional characters inspired by real people - Hitek

If The character of Captain Hook from Disney never really existed, his emblematic physique with this angular face and his thin mustache are inspired by a real person. The Disney directors thus borrowed from this physique has an actor of the time, Hans Conried, when designing the filmPeter Pan

16. Milhouse (The Simpsons)

The The Simpsons series does not escape this problem. its share of inspirations from real characters. This is how Milhouse Van Houten, one of Bart's friends, was killed. created in reference to the young actor Paul Pfeiffer who inspired the creators of the series by his geek look with his big glasses.

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