1225-horsepower Hyper SSR supercar takes off the Tesla Roadster and the price of Lucid Air

1225-horsepower Hyper SSR supercar takes off the Tesla Roadster and the price of Lucid Air

Hyper SSR Ultimate version may be tight at 1225 k.s. and to provide 12,000 Nm of torque to the wheels in less than 2 seconds of acceleration. Yogo's top competitor, Lucid Air Sapphire Edition, which is also the same in autumn 2023, may be 1200 k.s.

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After the announcement of the world's first electric pogoshlyahovik, which can provide a range of over 600 miles on a single charge, the GAC Aion brand introduced Hyper SSR, which, as a wine in the world with an electric car. Judging from the first delivery of SSR, it is scheduled for June 2023.

The pressure at 1225 k.s. is great, so you can run the Hyper SSR Ultimate version from 0-100 km/year (0-62 miles per year) in 1.9 seconds, it will not be cheap. Those who can open it up front can get the supercar for the equivalent of $241,415 USD, while three times less of the base model SSR, which opens in 2.3 seconds, will be available for $184,000 USD.

Hyper SSR 1225bhp Supercar Takes Speed ​​off Tesla Roadster and Lucid Air Price

Behind GAC Aion, speeding up to 2 seconds to work Hyper SSR with the most powerful car in the world, like other electric cars, like the future Tesla Roadster 2, is also estimated at 1.9 seconds, which, obviously, is the benchmark for testing accuracy. The recently introduced Lucid Air model with three engines Sapphire Edition also claims to speed up less than two seconds, but also a stiffness of 1200 hp. and torque 10,000 Nm three lower, lower GAC for Hyper SSR.

In order to achieve these low-key performances, Aion has developed high-performance wet engines that transfer 12,000 Nm of torque to the wheels for a 1.7G acceleration. Vіn also uses a new platform 900 V made of silicon carbide chips, which increases the operating frequency by 2.5 times, at the same time dramatically changing the energy saving.

The inductive doors will curve and curve automatically when the user presses the button or the galm pedal is pressed, and to achieve record-breaking performance, the super lightweight Hyper SSR case will be made of carbon fiber composites.

Hyper SSR's 1225-horsepower supercar takes off Tesla Roadster's speed and Lucid Air's price

Hyper SSR's main competitor The $249,000 Ultimate Air Sapphire Edition, which Lucid calls “the best sedan in the world,” while the GAC supercar has the upper hand in being a smaller, lighter electric car with more power and torque, the lower Tesla Roadster 2.

Release of both of the most important electric vehicles in the world of plans for the fall of the coming fate, also in the fall of 2023, the fate of ours is a significant milestone in the history of productivity, especially as Tesla is going to stick out with the official date of the release of Roadst er 2 y 2023 roci.