12 phrases by Gerard Piqué: the reasons behind his retirement, his defense that the players can “go out and party” and the day he was injured for disobeying Guardiola

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The former Barcelona player broke the silence: in an interview with Ibai Llanos, he thanked the fans for their affection and revealed in what role he wants to return to the institution, although he did not refer to his separation from Shakira

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12 phrases by Gerard Piqué: the reasons behind his retirement, his defense so that the players can “go out to party” and the day he was injured for disobeying Guardiola

Piqué, the day of his retirement ceremony before a packed Nou Camp (REUTERS/Albert Gea)

Gerard Piquéoffered his first interview after announcing his retirement as a professional soccer player. In a chat with the influencer Ibai Llanos, the former player spoke about the decision to hang up his boots, his farewell at the Camp Nou, the affection of the fans, his future inside Barcelona and revealed a funny anecdote with Pep Guardiola in his time as coach of Blaugrana.

On the streamer's Twitch channel, the 35-year-old man recounted the details of a decision that matured over time: “There are many reasons that one thinks about as the season goes by. Xavi told me that this year it would be difficult. I wanted to try it. The sensations from the beginning were not the best in general terms. I saw that the break was an opportunity to make that decision. I always said that when I didn't feel important I would leave it. There were games that I had not played and after the game I had to train. I felt disoriented. There was a day when I was about to go to the locker room and say: It's over'. I didn't quite feel like it was my place.”.

“The fact that there were injuries in my position caused me to delay all this. I couldn't leave the team at that time. I set the break as the deadline because after the World Cup all my teammates would be recovered”, he stated in reference to the temporary absences of Andreas Christensen and Jules Koundé , new reinforcements from the institution for this season.

One ​​of the founding members of the Kosmos group said that he will attend an event with the president of the club, Joan Laporta, this Thursday and will give the last shirt she wore to the institution's museum. The same one he used in his farewell match at the Camp Nou with a 2-0 win against Almeria : “It was spectacular . I did not expect what happened. I didn't give it the importance that I later realized. It is greatly appreciated and you realize how much people love and appreciate you. I will be linked to the club all my life. I left very happy.”

*Gerard Piqué's exit in his last game in the Camp Nou

In addition, he expressed: “I look back and I have made a spectacular trip. Getting up in the morning, representing the club of my life, winning absolutely everything. It was living it, I couldn't expect anything else. I have squeezed every day of my life.”

Lastly, he almost definitely ruled out his return to the fields in the club he presides over and plays in the second division of Spain: “Never, never, I will not say it, but 99% say that I will never play for Andorra.”

In the midst of a career as long as it was successful, the businessman referred to the role of soccer and society, in some way linking his words to the criticism he received for his nightly escapades: “You have to understand that the players also they are persons. You are not a robot that just trains, eats and sleeps. We need to have a social life and party. Everything has a balance in life. I have known how to take care of myself to have a career like this. You have to go out at 20 and at 21, it's mandatory to party. If you don't party for five years, there's something dark. Everything at one extreme is bad.”

After these statements, Piqué relaxed to address an old memory that happened on May 30, 2009. A Barcelona that had won the treble (League, Copa del Rey, and Champions League) had to close the domestic tournament as a visitor to Deportivo La Coruña. There, Guardiola gave him a single order that he could not carry out.

“Never in my life have I left before a game. The only time was when we won the first treble and went to La Coruña to play. Pep told me not to go out because he was going to play. I obviously went out. And I got injured in the 60th minute″, he told between laughs about a change that included the entry of Alberto Botía -currently playing in Al-Wehda of Saudi Arabia– in a match that ended 1-1.

“I have played to the limit all my life and I will continue to do so. I always broadened the rules a little more. It has brought me problems but I knew what I was exposing myself to”, he concluded, in a note in which he did not refer to his separation from Shakira, after 12 years as a couple and two children (Sasha and Milan) as a result.

Other definitions of Gerard Piqué

His future at Barcelona: “At some point I would like to be president. I don't have it in my head right now. I enjoyed my career, but now I have the freedom to focus on other things. In the future, I would like to be able to help exploit the potential of the club of my life.”

The expulsion of Jesús Gil Manzano in his last game with Barcelona: “The arbitration harmed us. The first yellow for Robert (Lewandowski) is not, there is no corner, then the foul on Marcos Alonso. Not that they are dubious plays. I went to talk to the referee, I went to comment on several plays and you can see in the video that I entered the tunnel and told him that it always hurts us. I don't insult him at any time, but he expels me. He points me in the tunnel and expels me. I didn't say anything. The record doesn't lie. Already expelled, I enter the locker room. The referee's locker room is next door and one of my teammates says the sentence inside. I didn't go”.

The Barcelona defender was sent off and the referee recorded the player's insult

His possible call to play the 2022 Qatar World Cup with Spain< /b>: “I didn't talk to anyone from the national team. If I would accept the call? (Laughter). I don't know when the list comes out. I haven't thought about it”.

The antagonistic changes he proposes in football: “You don't have to play 90 minutes. It can be 50 or 60 minutes, but it can be about not being able to stop watching television. Let's look for rules that are more entertaining. The football product is outdated. It is difficult to capture the young public. That does not mean that football is the king of sports. We must try to modify rules that have been established for many years. It's hard. It happens in all sports. You have to find a way to attract attention. I would make very radical changes. You don't have to try it in a Barcelona-Real Madrid game, try it in the lower categories. Ideas are created based on trial and error. 11 against 11, an extension of 30 minutes. Say that every three minutes a player from each team leaves. Until there's a golden goal. Penalties are very exciting… I like them, but the best don't pass. Anyone can pass.”

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