12 Etiquette Rules You May Be Breaking

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  • 12 etiquette rules you may be breaking

    “joggers” They have become fashionable, but not all clubs accept them. Ask first about the club's dress code, so that you avoid a bad moment.

Hello Fiebruses. It has always been said that golf is a gentleman's sport, and etiquette plays a major role in this sport. Today I bring you twelve rules of etiquette that you must observe so that you do not become an “undesirable”. Let's get started. 

* Getting to the tee on time. It's not just because of your fellow players, but also because of the group behind you. It is yours, to whom you will invade their exit time. Arrive early and ready.

* Do not replace the flag. If you are the first to finish potting, then the flag is your responsibility. Spot. Always keep that in mind.

* Cartpath only? Take more than one stick. If you can't get the cart onto the fairway, please go “armed” with more than one stick and don't slow down the group and the field.

* Talk to the other's shot.We know that there are good intentions, but not everyone likes that. Leave comments for your own shot.

* Stand behind someone who is standing behind someone. “potting”. Never. If you want to see the line of putt during the path of the ball, stand facing the player, and when the ball starts to roll, get closer and watch the trajectory of him. That will give you You get an idea of ​​where the ball breaks.

* Walk the line of the ball after the hole. Many are unaware that the line of putt extends two to three feet beyond the line of putt. of the hole This is essential, as if a putt “misses”, the return line will be over. vital for the player.

* If your potential score is a 10, raise. Remember that the system will only calculate net double bogey for handicap purposes as well put the 17 you made. So speed up (as long as you're not playing a tournament, or by score gross).           

* Check your phone every minute. Did you come to play or chat? Many of us don't even realize when it's time to shoot for being attentive to the phone.

* Gimmies.is good to give a ball that is reasonably close to the hole, but not to give (let alone request) a gimmie of a ball that is lying. eight feet from the cup (the famous “give it to him that went from afar”).

* Take care of your clothes. It is good that golf clothing has turned in another direction, but each club has its codes and they are not obliged to let you play in a t-shirt or with the “joggers” that are used now (which by the way do not look good on everyone). I know careful, call the club, and ask so you don't have a bad time.     

* Bad words. I didn't come to the field to hear someone say bad words all the time. Watch your verbal and body language. Don't be the guy no one wants to play with (there are plenty).

* Don't be the rules expert no one wants. Okay. We know you eat the books, but don't want to come and ruin my day walking behind me watching every step I take to see if I break any rules, much less don't start giving me rule advice if I don't tell you. I ask. Easy! 

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