107 years old and she survives COVID!

107 years old and she survives COVID!

Yvette Gingras celebrated her 107th birthday on Wednesday in her CHSLD. The Lévisienne fought COVID during the holidays and it is with a smile that she takes her life.

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“I never thought I would go this far,” says the centenarian enthusiastically. That’s probably her secret to longevity: being positive and sneering.

“To annoy a little, I like that”, laughs Yvette Gingras who is a real ray of sunshine by all accounts.

Pandemic forces, visits are limited. Ms. Gingras’ sons have found a way to mark this special day. They showed up outside his CHSLD with a sign and greetings.

“I would like to see her, because she is my mother,” said one of the sons, Raynald Lemieux.

107 years old and she survives COVID!

Her mother is in good shape today, but she was transferred for ten days to a designated COVID center, after being tested positive for the virus. The symptoms were mild.

“Everyone was surprised. Go through this at 106. We can’t believe it !, adds Michel Lemieux, the other son of the venerable centenary.

“She has always had an inner strength, she has gone through a lot of affairs”, informs Raynald Lemieux.

Even if it’s not the day everyone imagined to celebrate their mother’s 107th birthday, their mother’s smile through the glass of the residence is a comfort.

“We love you!” Launched his two sons.

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