10,000 dead: it’s time to change the story

10,000 dead: it’s time to change the story

Quebec has crossed the sad threshold of 10,000 deaths due to COVID-19. It’s nothing to celebrate, nothing shiny.

On Twitter, the Prime Minister, rather than reiterating his condolences to the bereaved, preferred to share a graphic aimed at minimizing the situation of Quebec compared to the G7 countries.

The defense doesn’t work anymore

For months, the government has sought to compare itself to worse than it and to blame anyone but itself to exonerate itself from the fiasco we are experiencing.

Public opinion is favorable to him, but the wars with Ottawa will not bring the 10,000 dead back to life. No more than to console themselves by constantly reminding themselves that the vast majority of them were over 70 years old.

We can cry that we are running out of vaccines, that we should have closed the border earlier, that the health care system is in tatters, but, during that time, we take our responsibility away from ourselves.

The time has come to change the rhetoric about COVID-19 deaths.

Give the bar

The characteristic of a crisis is that it causes major upheavals. However, those who know how to take advantage of their troubled periods are those who do best, in all areas.

This is an opportunity for the government to admit that the way we treat seniors has failed and that our health care organization is no longer holding up.

The demographic pyramid will not be reversed. Sooner or later, we will have to dramatically review the way Quebeckers age. The cases of mistreatment linked to the current crisis demonstrate this. We have failed.

When will the government undertake a real reflection on the place of seniors and the treatment reserved for them? There has never been a better time.

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