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10 Water Horror Movies Perfect for Summer Vacation

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024

Since summer finally arrives, let the heat rise again, and soon, we will go and bask in the pill at night. the sea, we wanted to return to ten emblematic aquatic horror films. From Jaws to; Piranha 3D, here are 10 perfect horror films to watch. watch during the summer period. On the other hand, be careful, you may no longer want to swim…

10 aquatic horror films perfect for summer vacations

10) Night Swim

10 aquatic horror films perfect for summer vacation

Production BlumHouse released last January, Night Swim is the latest release; of this heterogeneous list. Realized by Bryce McGuire, the feature film features a haunted swimming poolwhich will totally terrorize its new owners. A fairly classic production by Jason Blum, the film clearly does not revolutionize the horror genre, but is relatively solid entertainment, which plays with the notion of water quite skillfully. Water is omnipresent in this horror film that will push you to die. think about what you want to do twice, before diving into the pool this summer.

9) Underwater

10 aquatic horror films perfect for summer vacation

Released in 2020, Underwater is a fairly well-kept horror blockbuster. Realized by William Eubank (Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin), the feature film owes a lot for its four-star cast, led by by Kristen Stewart and Vincent Cassel. Series B with a fairly imposing budget, Underwater stands as a worthy heir to the immense Abyss by James Cameron. We follow explorers of the seabed grappling with disturbing and unidentified creatures. More oriented for the general public, it only preventsUnderwater offers some horrific and trashy flashes that are quite seductive. As for Kristen Stewart, she is once again imperial.

8) Sphere

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<p>Released in 1998, <strong><em>Sphere</em></strong> is a minor film in the filmography of <strong>Barry Levinson</strong>. However, aside from casting, we don’t have to complain. Indeed, this underwater horror film brought together a four-star cast with <strong>Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, Samuel L. Jackson and Liev Schreiber</strong>. The story tells how a team of scientists is sent to the world. 3000 meters deep to come into contact with a mysterious sphere, which could be an extraterrestrial ship. Like <em>Underwater, <strong>Sphere</strong></em><strong> draws heavily from </strong><em><strong>Abyss</strong>,</em> major film in the history of cinema. With <em>Sphere,</em> Barry Levinson takes up many of the codes of <strong>James Cameron</strong> to create a relatively well-preserved and quite playful piece of entertainment. <em>Sphere</em>also borrows heavily from more introspective, meditative and contemplative works like <strong><em>Mission to Mars</em> </strong>and <strong><em>2001: A Space Odyssey< /em></strong>. Even if the horrific effects sometimes fall short flat, we must underline the effort of <strong>the paranoid atmosphere set up by Barry Levinson.</strong></p>
<h2>7) Anaconda</h2>
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Want to go on a little safari in the Amazon? You must then be wary of the sleeping anaconda. Realized by Luis Llosa in 1997, Anacondais a regressive Z series perfect for a summer evening. Often very stupid, the feature film features a four-star cast grappling with a huge snake. Jennifer Lopez, Jon Voight, Ice Cube, Danny Trejo and Owen Wilson are all brought together in this gory, stupid, but downright enjoyable at times entertainment. This bad pastiche of Jaws is at; apprehend to the 42nd degree. In the other case it will only be an ordeal lasting an hour and a half during which the special effects will sting the eyes and where the eyes will be stinging. Jon Voight will sign his worst performance.

6) Survival Instinct

10 aquatic horror films perfect for summer vacation

It's difficult to talk about aquatic horror films without mentioning shark films. Blue Fear, Deep Blue See, 47 Meters Down, In Troubled Waters, Under the Seine, The Year of the Shark or even Sharknadoimpossible to move on to next to it of this kind entirely part. But from this list as long as your arm, we have selected you. Survival instinct. Released in 2016, the film is made by Jaume Collet-Serra. In front of his camera, Blake Lively as a surfer stranded on a rock, and a huge thirsty shark in front of him. of blood. Little B series in the lineage of Jaws the feature film offers its moments of tension and action without pretension. Despite an awkward ending but which has the merit of being unexpected The Shallows fulfills its specifications without misstep.

5) Crawl

10 aquatic horror films perfect for summer vacation

After the sharks, it’s time for the alligators. Released in 2019, this gory film by Alexandre Aja should delight fans of monster films. The story takes place in Florida, when a terrible hurricane hits our heroine’s hometown. The latter is forced to brave the storm to find the trace of her father, stranded in the city. in his childhood home. But in addition to the bad weather, Haley (Kaya Scodelario) will have to face a horde of particularly belligerent alligators. The feature film is a perfectly mastered survival, which takes place mainly behind closed doors. A few bouts of violence make the whole thing very entertaining. Crawl is a real success. A violent and very aesthetic survival gamewhich brings alligators back into fashion. Alexandre Aja offers a very classic but devilishly effective film.

4) The Host

10 aquatic horror films perfect for summer vacation

Released in 2006, The Host is a huge classic Korean horror film. Directed by Bong Joon Ho (Parasite), The Host takes place in Seoul. One summer, in the middle of a heatwave, a monstrous and particularly violent creature emerges from the river. The Host is a unique little gem that mixes genres very effectively. Interweaving the registers of comedy, thriller, horror, science fiction, and social satire, The Host is the extraordinary fight of a family against a genetically modified monster. Full of surprises and brilliantly filmed, The Host is certainly out of the ordinary blockbusters.

3) Piranhas and Piranha 3D

10 aquatic horror films perfect for summer vacation

In 1978, filmmaker Joe Dante released Piranhas. Gory horror film, based on rie B trash without limits, assumed filthy aesthetic, generous generosity. in hemoglobin, Piranhastells how piranhas swim up the rivers to the sea. the Lost River leisure center. Carnage assured. Cult film, Piranhas gave birth to a whole saga. In 1981,Piranha 2 – The Flying Killers sees the light of day, directed by by a mysterious James Cameron for whom it is the first feature film. But if old school horror films bore you, we can also recommend Piranha 3D by Alexandre Aja (and its sequel Piranha 3D 2 by John Gulager). Released in 2010, it’s an uncompromising Z series, which isn’t afraid to get your hands dirty. It’s gory, and the film offersupgrades deaths each more trashy than the other.

2) Abyss

10 aquatic horror films perfect for summer vacation

Released in 1989, directed by by James Cameron, led by by Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Abyss is the greatest classic underwater science fiction film! While it is a bit like the equivalent of 2001: A Space Odyssey but underwater, Cameron’s feature film, certainly his best, offers action scenes, suspense, science fiction and wonder, but also horror, &àgrave; the shovel. A great classic that hasn't aged a bit!

1) Jaws

10 aquatic horror films perfect for summer vacation

How can we not end this list with the classic of classics? Released in 1975, Jaws is considered to be one of the most popular films in the world. as the very first blockbuster in the history of cinema. Realized by Steven Spielberg, this is what it is all about. of his third feature film. An undeniable classic of horror, the feature film hastraumatized a whole generation of ocean spectators. High-end entertainment, Spielberg has fun with the spectator's nerves and imagination via a first part full of suggestion, playing on the primary fear of the unknown and absence. The shark never appears, the threat remains abstract, making it dangerous because it is universal, global and above all invisible. Then the second part is a surge of controlled action and violence, but which has inevitably become a little old-fashioned. because of a cardboard shark. We will obviously also rememberthe excellent opening scene. On the other hand, we advise you against the suites, which are totally useless.

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