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MG o3 10 historical novels to devour - The Times Hub

10 historical novels to devour

10 historical novels to devour

Want to dive into another decade, another era, another century? Thanks to their talent and the hundreds of hours spent sifting through old documents and doing research, the authors of historical novels know how to make old stones speak, reborn characters from another era and immerse readers in adventures that mix truth and fiction. They fill in their own way the holes left in history … to the delight of readers. Here is a small selection.


10 historical novels to devour

  • France Lorrain
  • Guy Saint-Jean Editor
  • about 400 pages

After having won over more than 75,000 readers with the successful series The Promise of the Gélinas, the sparkling France Lorrain invites her fans to discover the unusual journey of an heiress of the Gélinas clan, with the novel Marie-Camille. Daughter of Édouard Gélinas, Marie-Camille left her village of Sainte-Cécile to undertake an unusual career in Montreal in the early 1960s: she studied to become an embalmer. After four years of studies and part-time work as a waitress, with a nursing diploma in hand, Marie-Camille realizes that the nursing profession is not for her … and decides to choose a profession not traditional. At 26, alone in Montreal, she will count on the support of her friends to overcome many obstacles. The second volume of Marie-Camille is due out in June.

Red Light, volumes 1, 2 and 3

10 historical novels to devour

  • Marie-Eve Bourassa
  • VLB Editor
  • 368 pages

After revealing the underside of roaring twenties, the madness of the 1920s, Marie-Ève ​​Bourassa brings her readers into the smoky atmosphere of theaters and into the maze of organized crime dirty thirties, the 1930s marked by Prohibition, in the third and last volume of Red Light, The beast trail.

10 historical novels to devour

Eugène Duchamp had put aside his activities as a detective and made himself, with his friend Herb Parker, a small jackpot thanks to the smuggling of alcohol. When the famous dancer Carole Morgan – just crowned Miss Montreal – is found strangled, Duchamp returns to service. Police are convinced Herb Parker did the job. But not him.

10 historical novels to devour

The fault of others, volumes 1 and 2

10 historical novels to devour

  • Josée Ouimet
  • Hurtubise editions
  • 350 pages

Series author Cloud walk, sold more than 15,000 copies, the novelist Josée Ouimet was inspired by the history of people in her family to write a new series starting in Saint-Pie-de-Bagot at the time of the conscription, The fault of others.

10 historical novels to devour

Betrayals, pains of love, compulsory enlistment and accidents marked this period when Quebecers suffered the repercussions of the war. In Saint-Pie-de-Bagot, in 1943, the specter of conscription hovers over the heads of bachelors aged 18 to 40. Fernard Dupré, the youngest of the family, worked hard on the paternal farm, which he was to inherit. Her older brother refused to take her, Ernest went into exile in the United States, and Rosario is not the bravest. Fernand waits for his father to hand over the farm to him before marrying his beloved, Madeleine. The situation turns to tragedy when Ernest reappears and claims the farm.

The lovers of Rivière-Rouge

10 historical novels to devour

  • Marie-France Desmaray
  • JCL editions
  • 634 pages

French novelist with rising success, Marie-France Desmaray imagined that a young woman and her little girl would leave the Vendée to start a new life in a small French-speaking village in Manitoba, in The lovers of Rivière-Rouge. This novel, a bestseller in France, introduces you to both the Vendée and the French-speaking villages of the Prairies. In this novel, awarded with several prizes, she talks about French-speaking villages, such as Saint-Claude and Saint-Boniface. One of his characters, Tobie, is a Métis. It introduces you to everyday life in the Prairies at the start of the 20th century, and the hard life of the people of the Vendée marshes at the same time.

The Abominable

10 historical novels to devour

  • Dan Simmons
  • Robert-Laffont editions
  • 660 pages

Remarkable writer, American Dan Simmons invites his readers to follow him on a terrifying expedition to the top of Everest in his new novel, The Abominable. Following in the footsteps of mountaineers Mallory and Irvine, who disappeared during an expedition made almost 100 years ago, he offers us his version of what happened. An exhilarating and terrifying historical adventure. Dan Simmons was inspired by the true story of climbers George Mallory and Sandy Irvine, who disappeared while trying to reach the summit of Everest in 1924. Mallory’s body was found in 1999 by a special expedition, but enigmas still surround this fatal expedition.

Outlander, volume 4: The drums of autumn

10 historical novels to devour

  • Diana gabaldon
  • Libre Expression editions
  • 696 pages

Author of the fabulous romantic series Outlander, adapted as a miniseries and now broadcast on ARTV and Netflix, the American Diana Gabaldon was inspired by the epic of the Scottish Highlanders. In the fourth volume of this highly addictive series, The drums of autumn, Claire and Jamie flee English oppression by traveling to the New World, where they finally wish to know peace. But, in the fall of 1767, History will once again make their life difficult, since colonial America will launch into the War of Independence. Brianna, Claire’s daughter, stays by her side in 20th century comforts. But she discovers in the archives that a tragic fate awaits her mother and Jamie. Will she cross the border of time to rescue them?

The Enlightenment Healer

10 historical novels to devour

  • Frédéric Gros
  • Albin Michel editions
  • about 180 pages

For his second novel, The Enlightenment Healer, the French writer and editor Frédéric Gros offers a foray into the phenomenal life of Franz-Anton Mesmer. The inventor of animal magnetism, who was also a wealthy patron and musician, believed he had discovered how to cure illnesses with just the touch. Based on his own research and his own experiences, Frédéric Gros tells, with great accuracy, the fascinating life of Mesmer. This controversial physician, who died in 1815, devoted his life to studying magnetism and theories of healing by a kind of universal fluid to be balanced in the body by “passes” made by the hands. Mesmer has succeeded in producing unexplained, even miraculous cures, even though he has been rejected by the scientific community.

The midwife of Scots Bay

10 historical novels to devour

  • Friend McKay
  • Speaking editions
  • 565 pages

Very big success in the original English version – the novel has sold over 250,000 copies -, The birth attendant from Scots Bay tells the story of Dora Rare, a young girl born in the last century in a small village in Nova Scotia. Ignoring her family’s expectations, she decides to follow in the footsteps of an Acadian midwife and showcase her gifts as a healer. Dora and M’ame B. help women who have all kinds of problems related to fertility and childbirth. But their know-how does not suit doctors who see it as an obstacle to their practice. The novel shows the struggles women have had to lead to protect their rights and dispose of their bodies as they see fit.

The devil’s prisoner

10 historical novels to devour

  • Mireille Calmel
  • XO editions
  • 416 pages

A talented writer, connected to who knows what invisible channel to bring old stories to life, the French Mireille Calmel offers this medieval thriller, which plunges straight into the flames of hell. The book begins in Egypt, in May 1494, when a young woman observes a mysterious stone wheel which has been turning since the dawn of time, and which is about to reveal something terrifying to her. The story then moves to Utelle, on the heights of Nice, where the devil seems to be leading the way. Two strong heroines are found in this story where faith and witchcraft come together: the herbalist Hersande and Myriam, a woman who courageously faces the mourning of her husband.

The slab of the dead

10 historical novels to devour

  • Daniel Lessard
  • Pierre Tisseyre editions
  • 360 pages

Excellent in the art of telling stories of the “good old days”, the emeritus journalist and now writer Daniel Lessard took skeletons out of the closet by telling the incredible epic of the three cemeteries of Saint-Léon-de-Standon. He brings back to life a monstrous priest and his terrified flock in this must-read novel. Unusual, tragic, macabre, bewildering story, The slab of the dead brings to life events that occurred between 1938 and 1946 in this small village perched high in the Appalachian Mountains, in Dorchester County. The open war between a mad priest and the inhabitants, over the location of a new cemetery, created traumas that have left traces until today.

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