10 goals in a friendly.  Cagliari and Sassuolo also did well

10 goals in a friendly. Cagliari and Sassuolo also did well

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10 goals in a friendly.  Cagliari and Sassuolo also did well

Maurizio Sarri’s Lazio have fun in Auronzo di Cadore: 10-0 in the first friendly match (Lui Alberto also scores with a brace). The other A teams engaged in their respective test matches also did well: Sassuolo scored 8 goals, Empoli 12 goals, Venezia 14, Cagliari even 16 goals.

Great party for Maurizio Sarri that frees his players from the reins capable of scoring 10 goals in the first friendly of the season played against the Top11 Radio Club. A test certainly not conclusive but which allows the Capitoline to leave with the right enthusiasm of those who want to do well immediately and seek convictions and immediate reference points. In the biancoceleste solo, also the ‘rebel’ Luis Alberto author of a brace.

In Auronzo di Cadore, Lazio have fun and have fun: 10-0 in 90 minutes which are little more than a simple high-cut but which represent for the statistics the first official release of Maurizio Sarri with his new football creature. Half team scored with two goals from Luis Alberto e Caicedo. With a first half already at 4-0, the second half saw another six goals overall. Party also for Felipe Anderson, Moro, Leiva, Muriqi, Lazzari e Vavro authors each of a network each.

If Lazio has spread to their friendly, the other Serie A teams have certainly not kept themselves waiting, taking advantage of this retirement weekend to start grinding kilometers and putting minutes on their legs. In addition to the big – Milan, Inter and Lazio – all took to the field in the afternoon and in the early evening, other Serie A clubs also found the time for their test matches, played at their best.

Insigne 10, goal against Belgium and best player of the field: “But Spinazzola deserved the prize”

The other friendlies of the day

It Cgarlic he even won 16-1 against Real Vicenza, theEmpoli he made 12 at Castelfiorentino while the last goal of the day was signed by Sassuolo: 8-0 at Bressanone. 5 instead the networks of Genoa, which has imposed itself on the Stubai while the Hellas Verona trims 6 to the Top22 Calcio Veronese. Udinese beats ND Bilje 4-1, while the Venezia reaches up to 14 goals against Valboite.

The Lazio-Top11 10-0 scoreboard

Markers: 15 ′ Felipe Anderson (rig), 17 ′ Raul Moro, 38 ′ Leiva, 44 ′ Muriqi, 52 ′ Lazzari, 57 ′ Vavro, 64 ′ (rig), 87 ′ Caicedo, 72 ′, 90 ′ Luis Alberto.

Lazio 1st half (4-3-3): Strakosha; Marusic, Luiz Felipe, Radu, Hysaj; Milinkovic (C), Leiva, Cataldi; F. Anderson, Muriqi, Raul Moro All .: Maurizio Sarri

Lazio 2nd half (4-3-3): Strakosha (60 ′ Adamonis); Lazzari, Vavro, Patric, Fares; Akpa Akpro, Escalante, Luis Alberto; Shehu, Caicedo, Raul Moro (60 ′ Adekanye).

Top 11 Radio Club 103 (4-4-2): Miot, Battaiola, Bressan, Fontana, Marcon, De Giacometti, De Nardi, Lise, Scarton, De Mattia, Pedrini All .: Enrico Ben

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