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Daycares at $10: Francophones outside Quebec worried

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The CNPF and the FCFA want the government to approve the amendment to Bill C-35,

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Francophones outside Quebec are concerned about the consequences of Bill C-35 on daycares in minority settings, and deplore that it does not include any measures to ensure their funding.

The National Commission of Francophone Parents (CNPF) and the Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities (FCFA) joined their voices during a press briefing Wednesday morning in Ottawa, just a few days before the resumption of parliamentary work.

The Senate has already approved an amendment to the bill to ensure funding for French-speaking daycares in minority settings. However, both groups are concerned about the silence of Justin Trudeau's government.

We have a hard time understanding why a government that prides itself on wanting to protect French in the country would hesitate even for a moment to support this amendment, says the president of the FCFA, Liane Roy.

The federal government's commitment to long-term funding for French-language childcare services in minority settings must be written in black and white.

Bill C-35, which should confirm the agreements reached with the provinces to fund daycares at $10 per day, could return to the House of Commons as soon as next week.

The general director of the CNPF, Jean-Luc Racine, recalls that a large proportion of French-speaking parents living in a minority environment are forced to enroll their children in English-language establishments.< /p>LoadingFive 2018 Junior Team Canada players ordered to surrender to police

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We have several heartbreaking testimonies from French-speaking parents who tell us that after years of attending English daycare their children now only speak to them in English.

Funding programs end and move on. The only thing that is permanent and lasting is the laws, adds Mr. Racine.

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