10 costume shows you can't put down

10 costume shows you can't put down

The bright costume drama “The Bridgertons” about the high society of London of the 19th century – with black actors, explicit sex scenes and a cover of Billie Eilish in the soundtrack, appealed to the audience and the creators immediately continued strife, intrigue and sex for another 3 season, about which something is already known.

10 costume shows you can't put down

YOUTUBE A shot from the series “Bridgertons”If you liked the series and you are looking for another one in the spirit of “The Bridgertons”, ProShoKino has prepared for you a selection of 10 historical and not very costume series for every taste.

The Gilded Age, 2022

The year is 1882, the war between the South and the North is over. After the death of his father, Marian Brook moved from the province to New York to two wealthy relatives. Aunt Marian belong to the old American aristocracy and do not want to accept the fact that the world is changing.

In their opinion, the niece should revolve in their circle, and not encourage acquaintance with wealthy upstarts such as their neighbors, railroad magnate George Russell and his ambitious wife. So the girl finds herself in a world of luxury and wealth, strict rules of high society and intrigue, between the “old” and “new” worlds.

“Great”, 2020

< p>The Great is a full-length biographical drama about the Russian Empress Catherine. The inimitable Elle Fanning plays the role of young Catherine, who plots the murder of her new husband Peter III in the person of Nicholas Hoult.

Historical accuracy certainly does not underlie this satire. Instead, viewers will find caustic humor, a sea of ​​alcohol, sex and murders, committed, of course, with great indifference.

“Crimson Petal and White”, 2019

< p>An unsentimental story of a nineteen-year-old prostitute named Candy, whose events unfold in Victorian London. At the center of this “melodrama without melodrama” is the desire of a young woman not to be a commodity, to wrest her body and soul from the slums.

We get up close and personal with the heir to a prosperous perfume business, William Rackham, and his innocent, fragile wife Agnes, his “hidden” daughter Sophie, and pious brother Henry, tormented by the conflict between the worldly and the sinless. We will also meet erudite libertines, self-serving servants, homeless children, street chicks, and salvation society reformers.

Harlots, 2017

The story unfolds in the 18th century. Margaret Wells is the owner of a brothel, giving all her strength and earnings to raising her daughters.

The Crown, 2016

The series about the life of Queen Elizabeth II – starting from her accession to the throne in 1947 to the 21st century. A fascinating yet accurate historical drama dedicated to the life and legacy of this great woman.

“War and Peace”, 2016

As blasphemous as this BBC interpretation may seem to literary purists, as it misses the essence of the novel and falls prey to adaptive appeal, in the end, it's hard to deny that War and Peace is an exciting, fast-paced, and fun show after all.

The series stars Lily James as the bright-eyed Natasha Rostova, Callum Turner as Anatole Kuragin, and Paul Dano as Count Pierre Bezukhov.

Versailles , 2015

One of the most expensive European series to produce in recent years, with a budget of 30 million euros, depicts a young Louis XIV. Louis XIV (George Blagden) ascended the throne when he was four years old. For many years, France was ruled by a council of ministers led by his mother.

Now she is dead and the nobility has more and more power every day. To survive, Louis needs to build a new government from scratch, far from Paris. In a village called… Versailles.

Outlander, 2014

The series tells the story of Claire Randall, a military nurse from the 40s of the XX century, who, while walking at the legendary Scottish stone circles, mysteriously moves back in time to the year 1743. Once in the XVIII century, Claire finds herself in an unknown world where her life is in danger.

The girl must find a way to survive and return back to the future, where her husband Frank Randall remained. To save herself in the heroine's unknown and unfamiliar past, she is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a gallant Scottish warrior with a difficult fate and a disarming sense of humor.

Downton Abbey, 2010

1912 England. The heir to the title of Earl of Grantham, who lives with his family on his family estate Downton, dies on the Titanic. The family expects that now that there are no male heirs left, the family's possessions and capital will pass to his eldest daughter after the earl's death.

But the earl, who gave his whole life to his estate, refuses to defend the rights of young Mary, considering that everything, including the considerable capital of his wife, should go to the heir to his earldom, an obscure distant relative. Speaking of Abbey, we recall that the official trailer for the sequel to Downton Abbey has been released.

The Tudors, 2007

Public and secret life of representatives The Tudor dynasty is a controversial period in the life of England. In the series, prosperity and ruin await you, the wisdom of kings and the despotism of tyrants, the hidden aspects of the life of the greatest figures of that time …

Recall that on January 25, the world premiere of the historical series “The Gilded Age” took place on HBO platform.