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One billion dollars over ten years for downtown Montreal

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In its new strategy, Montreal intends to highlight the identity of neighborhoods.


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Montreal intends to invest more than a billion dollars in the development of its city center over the next ten years by highlighting the identity of the metropolis' neighborhoods.

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Valérie Plante, mayor of Montreal

Mayor Valérie Plante unveiled her Acting strategy for the future of the city's downtown on Tuesday. She recalled that the city center was the economic and cultural heart of Quebec. Even though it is doing quite well, certain challenges have become more acute in recent years.

[We must] rethink the long-term development of the city center and put in place structuring initiatives to strengthen its attractiveness and resilience.

A quote from Valérie Plante, mayor of Montreal

Its strategy is based on a renewed and reinforced experience in all seasons to propel the attractiveness and influence of the city center, on a social, economic and cultural level, on a scale local, national and international, added Ms. Plante.

The City has defined several priorities to implement its strategy, starting among others with new distinctive street furniture, highlighting the heritage specific to different living environments and public art circuits.

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Montreal also wants to celebrate the Nordic character of the city center by creating a unique winter experience supported by interactive and immersive routes in the heart of the metropolis.

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Designate the Latin Quarter ''quartier de la francophonie'', create a sector 24 there hours and carry out major development projects within the City's assets, notably at Îlot Voyageur and Émilie-Gamelin Park, also appear in the City's new strategy, which provides for the creation of two new inhabited neighborhoods in the Faubourgs and Bridge-Bonaventure sectors, with the potential to create more than 15,000 housing units.

The Plante administration also wants to prioritize investments within existing buildings in order to reverse the trend of increasing vacancy rates, notably at the former Royal Victoria Hospital and Îlot Voyageur.

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